Tech Gifts for Dad on Father

By:Andrea Eldridge, CEO and co-founder of Nerds On Call, an on-site computer and laptop repair service company. Hes always there to help you out of a jam, be it a flat tire or first date advice. Theres one day a year dedicated to showing Dad how much you appreciate him. Before you grab a tie … Continue reading “Tech Gifts for Dad on Father”

By:Andrea Eldridge, CEO and co-founder of Nerds On Call, an on-site computer and laptop repair service company.

Hes always there to help you out of a jam, be it a flat tire or first date advice. Theres one day a year dedicated to showing Dad how much you appreciate him. Before you grab a tie and a box of golf balls for dad this year, consider some tech-inspired alternatives to take your Fathers Day gift up a notch.

The Commuter: When dad sets off for work or on a car trip, ensure that his coffee or tea is hot to the last sip with theRetro Smart Mug, made by Princess International and sold through Amazon for just under $20. The mug plugs it into a cars 12V power outlet (I understand it would also work in a golf cart score!) to keep the liquid at precisely the right temperature until its gone.

The Outdoorsman: Nothing ages you like starting a sentence with back in my day, but dare I say, back in my day camping didnt include electronics. It seems a lot has changed. If dad doesnt like to head into the great outdoors without his mobile electronics, considerThe Crankerator($60). Its a backup battery that you can charge before you leave home with the included micro-USB cable, or if you find yourself stranded, powerless and away from outlets you can charge the battery manually by turning a crank on the side of the brick. The makers claim that every minute of cranking will buy you 4 minutes of phone call time, a few texts, or a quick photo opp.

The Dapper Dan: Theres nothing harder than picking a tie for a guy that loves ties. If this describes your dad, hes bound to love a membership withFreshNeck. Described as Netflix for ties, members can choose 3 ties to have out at a time, wear them as long as they like, and as soon as they send a tie back they get their next choice automatically sent in the mail. Membership fees start at $20/month (prices vary based on the selection of designers you want to choose amongst) and if dad wants to keep a tie its available at 20-60% off retail.

The TV Junkie: Giving a Logitech Harmony Remote is like giving the gift of stress-free home theater entertainment. If youve ever heard dad curse about the complicated process involved just to watch a gosh darn DVD! then I promise you a happy dad if you give him one of these babies. TheLogitech Harmony Ultimate Oneis pricey compared to other remotes at $249, but its the only remote Ive found that truly allows you to press one easy prompt (like Watch TV or Watch a Movie) and have all necessary components automatically turned on and to the right settings. No more needing to remember that to watch Cable TV you have to have the TV set to Input 4. Program the remote on your computer and control up to 15 devices most are already in the Logitech database. Plus, youll save tons of money on batteries over the years because the remote is recharged just by placing it in a cradle.

The Avid Reader: If dads working to fill up his eReader by way of a costly eBook buying habit, he just may love a membership to an eBook subscription service.Scribd($8.99/mo, iOS, Android, and browser support) andOyster($9.99/mo, iOS only) offer members access to extensive libraries of digital content for less than what youd likely pay to buy one book a month. Scribd claims to offer access to over 400,000 titles while Oyster boasts over 500,000. Dads with little ones may appreciate Oysters recent addition of Disney content for nightly story time. The best part is that you dont have to wait in queue for the librarys one copy to become available any supported titles can be instantly downloaded to your eReader.

The Over-Encumbered Dad: If youve ever thought that your dad needs a Man-purse to tote his phone, wallet and more, consider encouraging him to pare down to the essentials with theIncipio Stowaway Credit Card Case for iPhone($34.99). Dad can keep his phone safe from bumps and bruises, all the while stowing away his credit cards and cash in a secret compartment on the back. Ditch that old stuffed wallet and hell never again forget his drivers license on the way out the door.

The Golfer: How could I talk Dads Day without mentioning something to help improve his golf game? The Mobicoach SwingTip ($100) includes a small sensor that attaches to a golf club. Data from your swing is then sent automatically to an app on your Smartphone. View 3D animations and get swing analysis and tips. The program is compatible with MobiCoachs real-time, remote coaching service so dad can even get expert advice if he cant self-correct.

, a computer repair company that specializes in on-site and online service for homes and businesses. Andrea is the writer of a weekly column, Nerd Chick Adventures in The Record Searchlight. She prepares TV segments for and appears regularly on CBS, CW and FOX on shows such as Good Day Sacramento, More Good Day Portland, and CBS 13 News, offering viewers technology and lifestyle tips. See Andrea in action /andrea/.

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Show your father how much you appreciate him the American way: by buying him cool stuff! Weve found a selection of both affordable and over-the-top tech gifts for dad.

Show your father how much you appreciate him the American way: by buying him cool stuff! Weve found a selection of both affordable and over-the-top tech gifts for dad.

PCMag reviews productsindependently, but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page.Terms of use.

May is for mom. June is for dad. So it has always been…since Fathers Day was dreamed up in 1910 by Sonora Smart Dodd, the daughter of a Civil War vet in response to the 1908 success of Mothers Day. It took a while for Fathers Day to catch onjust like dear old dad himself! (Get it, Dad? Hey, Dad!) But by the late 1930s there was even a Fathers Day Council to help promote the day. What better way to sell neck ties?

It wasnt until 1972, though, that President Richard Nixon officially made the third Sunday in June all about your pops by declaring it a national holiday.

Enough of the history lesson. Lets talk about dad. June 16 is fast approaching and youve got to buy himsomething, but what? Were here to help with a roundup of the best laptops, cameras, tablets, speakers, headphones, HDTVs, and more, at both budget-friendly and luxurious price points. (No neck ties here though.)

In each product category youll find a splurge that would be a total, off-the-wall purchase to make for a guy who keeps the thermostat at 62 degrees Fahrenheit all winter long. (Seriously, Dad, I get it. Ill bring a sweater). But what better way to show your love than spending big? A homemade card covered in macaroni? Well, those are nice too.

Of course, your old man will also be more than happy with the steals weve found in the same categories. These are totally sweet deals with prices you wont believe, which you can brag about while buying him dinner at Dennys.

While youre shopping, dont forget your grandfather, great grandfather, stepfather(s), uncles, and even that big brother whos oddly older than you and changed your diapers a few times, or thatNot a Fatherfigure in your life. They all deserve some kudos on the big day.

Are you a father yourself, with youngsters who have no clue what you might want? Subtly drop a hint by forwarding this to them, even if all the hints are directed at your significant other, who ends up doing the purchasing. Make sure he or she gets to go to Dennys as well. Now click through for our roundup of hot tech gifts for Fathers Day.

Get your dad a laptop that will last for years. The much-lusted-afterApple MacBook Pro 13-inchcomes in at $1,479.99

Sonys Cyber-Shot DSC-RX1with a 35mm f/2 Zeiss lens is the smallest full-frame camera you can find right now. It pumps out gorgeous images that will make dad the envy of professional photographersif you can afford the $2,799 price tag

If dad needs a serious tablet with a big screen and lots of storage, get him theRazer Edge Pro($1,449.99)

The sleek, unobtrusiveBowers & Wilkins Z2($399.99)

If your old man is an audiophile, consider gifting him some reference monitorsthe kind of ear pieces used by pro musicians. The $999 price of theLogitech Ultimate Ears In-Ear Reference Monitorsmight sound scary, but hell never experience sound this good againuntil he gets a hearing aid. For a dad whos on the move,Plantronics BackBeat Goearbuds are only $67.60

Mom will probably not thank you for buying her husband aComfort Research Zeus Hero Gaming Chairfor $249.99

If your dad is a master chef in the backyard, hell be even better with aniGrill($79.99)

For the father who wont accept a writhing tangle of cables snaking out from his surround sound gear, theBose VideoWave Entertainment System II($5,999)

TheNiteCore TM26 Tiny Monsteris a hand-sized waterproof 3500 lumen flashlight. It has four Cree XM-L LED lights powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, so for $389.99

Dont stop spoiling dad just because its no longer Fathers Day, you cheapskate! Splurge on a membership to AmazonsGourmet Bacon of the Month Club! Sure, its $575.40 for 12 months, but maybe hell fry up some of that hog for you. (There are also three- and six-month options). Or you could free him from servitude to Schick and Gillette with a subscription to theDollar Shave Club. It has the best basic deal you can imagine: for $1 a month, theyll send your father five shaving cartridges. Hell never run out and you will never find a better price.

PCMag reviews productsindependently, but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page.Terms of use.

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Fathers Day Gifts 2015 Best Tech Gifts for the Dad in Your Life

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Fathers Day Gifts 2015: Best Tech Gifts for the Dad in Your Life

Its 2015, people, time to really put some thought into that Fathers Day gift. Sure, another tie is great, but some dads no longer wear ties to work. Instead, they carry mobile phones and chargers and listen to music on the go and yes, they even help out around the house. Whether youre shopping for your own dad, your husband, your in-law, whoever, here are some great tech gift ideas to show you care.

Dad may already have a laptop he lugs around to work, but he may not need that big, heavy laptop all the time. TheMicrosoft Surface 3will take the weight off his shoulders while giving him options for how to work. Paired with the (extra) Surface 3 Type Cover, the Surface 3 is a powerful laptop capable of running all Windows programs and doing some serious work, complete with USB, headphone jack and micro USB. Detach the keyboard and Dad has a 10.8-inch high res tablet for kicking back and watching videos or reading the news. Price starts at $499

For dads who prefer a mouse to a laptop trackpad, theres theLogitech MX Masterwireless mouse. Its the perfect companion for desktop-loving dads or power users who like programmable functions that save time and clicks. Connect to devices via a receiver or Bluetooth – great for multi-taskers because it pairs with and lets you switch between up to three computers at once. Its larger than a portable mouse, but thats because it does so many more tricks, feels extremely comfortable in your hand and can track on virtually any surface. $99

Dad never has to be without tunes in the house just because someone forgot to install great-sounding speakers in every room. TheSengled Pulse Bluetoothbulb is a simple solution; its an LED light bulb with integrated JBL Bluetooth speakers. Theyre super easy to install, just replace the bulb in any standard E26 socket and connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Use the Pulse app to control the music and dim the light. Pick up a master and satellite set of two bulbs for $169.

Dad shouldnt have to choose between charging up a laptop or tablet. He can do both at once without searching for AC adapters with thePower2U Dual USB wall outlet.It has two built-in USB ports plus two traditional AC outlets with enough power to simultaneously charge them all. $29.99

Heres a real power tool for dad; themyCharge HubPlusportable charger has built-in Lightning and Micro USB cables for charging devices on the go. Dad can charge up his tablet and phone at the same time – theres plenty of power. And when it comes time to charge up the charger, a built-in wall prong makes it quick and easy to power up the 6,000 mAh battery for the next trip. Its small, fits easily into a bag or backpack and is a life-saver for staying connected on the go. $99

Travel is enough a hassle, with bad traffic and weather delays. Dad can rest easy knowing his bag is always with him even if he changes flights at the last minute with theThule Crossover Rolling 22 Upright.Its small enough to fit into most US airlines overhead bins, yet large enough to pack all he needs for a quick business trip. Its got a removable tri-fold suiter and compartments to organize and protect essential gear. $349.95

Moms arent the only ones who like to carry their gear in style. Dads will appreciate the look and comfort of Knomo BagsBude Backpack. Though the company makes incredibly fabulous leather bags for both men and women, this backpack is made of a lightweight canvas thats both dirt and water resistant. Theres a padded compartment inside that protects up to a 15-inch laptop and a tablet, and lots of compartments for keeping cables and gear organized. $169

Theres a new smartphone on the market thats making even devout iPhone lovers take a second look.LGs G4phone, is a sleek 5.5-inch phone with a quad HD display running on Android 5.1. The camera features are impressive, and the phone has a removable battery. Its defining feature is a smart-looking hand-stitched leather back cover, available in a variety of colors. Whatever carrier Dad uses, theres a deal through Fathers Day for an extra battery and storage. T-Mobile is offering five times more memory and if Dad is a world traveler, make sure to check out T-Mos Simple Global plan which includes unlimited data and texting to the US.

If Dad spends lots of time on the road wishing he were home watching movies on the couch, theAmazon Fire TV Stick is the perfect gift. Not only does it deliver streaming content from Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video and more at home, he can use it in a hotel room to watch TV shows and videos there. The Fire TV Stick works with most HDTVs in hotels where a password or log-in is required. Just dont forget to bring it back home! $39

Two hands on the wheel please Dad! When you use your phone as a GPS or audiobook companion while you drive, its often hard to find the right spot for it. Mounting gadgets can get clumsy and they sometimes block the drivers view.Zuna Driveis a smartphone case that has a unique hinge on the back, enabling you to hang it in the air-conditioning vent. This eliminates those pesky wires while keeping the phone in line of sight where its easily viewed with a quick glance. $39.99

Seriously, whats more fun than flying a drone over the house or parking lot and taking pictures to share with mom and friends? Not much! TheParrot Bebop droneis made of foam; small and lightweight so you can take it on vacation or down to the beach for a day of flying, and has an HD camera inside the nose. Dad can control the drone using an Android or iOS device and snap pictures of his out of this world flight. No worries, the built-in GPS system will return the drone to its starting point. $499

Dads Man Cave is usually off limits, but he might not mind a little help tidying up all the cables and wires.HIDEitmounts let DIY Dads install the electronic devices behind the TV so nothing else comes between Dad and the game. Prices vary.