Oracle XE Client

Learn how to a build a cloud-first strategy Hello, currently my company has a RHEL server running Oracle. We use Oracle XE Client 10g on Windows XP 32-bit to connect to the database in order to open up reports in Microsoft Excel. Were trying to design an upgrade plan to move to Windows 7 64-bit … Continue reading “Oracle XE Client”

Learn how to a build a cloud-first strategy

Hello, currently my company has a RHEL server running Oracle. We use Oracle XE Client 10g on Windows XP 32-bit to connect to the database in order to open up reports in Microsoft Excel. Were trying to design an upgrade plan to move to Windows 7 64-bit from Windows XP 32-bit and I wanted to know what can we use to achieve the same goal with the new OS. Ive looked on Oracles website and I cant find anything that will help me. I found one link to some software somewhere on Oracles site that I thought would help, but it didnt

Is there a software package out there that will help me accomplish my plan? It doesnt have to be an Oracle product. I just need it to create an ODBC connector to our Oracle database and be able to open up reports in Excel.

there is no 64 bit XE install for windows, you can install the 32 bit on win7 64 bit,

but, if you want a 64 bit client (XE isnt a client, its a database, which does include a client) you can download 64 bit clients from 0cjb123Author Commented:2012-09-13If I install the 32-bit client, what kind of error will I get and will it be repetitious? Also, as for the XE not being a client, I may have stated the actual name wrong but what were installing is a client based tool.

Ive attached a screenshot of the actual application during installation.

Oracle-Client.docx0LVL 74sdstuberCommented:2012-09-13oh sorry, I missed the part about 10g. Ive used 32bit 11g on Win7.

the 10g stuff: client, database, XE and other editions are all desupported

try upgrading to 11g instant client – 64 bit versions are available

you can get odbc supplement (and other options) to instant client here

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Oracle Client vs Oracle Instant Client on Linux!

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to have the following setup on a Linux box:

isOracle Instant Clientenough or I need to have theOracle Clientinstalled on the box.

If you only need to run SQLPlus, grabInstant Client Package – BasicandInstant Client Package – SQL Plus: Additional libraries and executable for running SQL Plus with Instant Clientfrom install them.

oci.dll is a windows file, so I have no idea what could be achieved by installing that on Linux.

unzip the files into a location of your choice & set LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PATH to point to that directory. If you need any further help after that, edit your question.

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Oracle Client Download (10g Windows Client)

Oracle Client Download (10g Windows Client)

Following is the link to the Oracle 10g Release 2 Client for Windows:

As of this writing (in January 2006), this is the latest Windows Client available.

Update:Oracle Client Download (11g Windows Client) 32 bit and x64.

I need to download oracle client 10g

Download from this site.. its a freeware..

hi i got the problem when i testing the connection, there is no odbc driver for Oracle10g, when i create a User DSN And i want to connect with the Oracle 10g so plzzz help me regarding to this problem And i m using windows7(64 bit) OS.

Oracle has removed from its website download link.

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