Hong Kong Disneyland 1-Day Entrance Ticket

Hong Kong Disneyland 1-Day Entrance Ticket Hong Kong Disneyland 1-Day Entrance Ticket Meet all your favorite Disney characters with a 1-day entrance ticket to Hong Kong Disneyland. Watch live shows and parades, and shop and dine at all the themed areas in the park. Enter seven different lands to make your fairytales come true. ,genericError … Continue reading “Hong Kong Disneyland 1-Day Entrance Ticket”

Hong Kong Disneyland 1-Day Entrance Ticket

Hong Kong Disneyland 1-Day Entrance Ticket

Meet all your favorite Disney characters with a 1-day entrance ticket to Hong Kong Disneyland. Watch live shows and parades, and shop and dine at all the themed areas in the park. Enter seven different lands to make your fairytales come true.

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Experience the magic of Disneyland Hong Kong

Enter seven themed areas based on your favorite Disney movies

Meet Mickey Mouse and all your favorite Disney characters

See live parades and firework displays

Experience the magic of Disneyland Hong Kong with a 1-day entrance ticket. Enter the seven lands centered on well-loved Disney movies, including Toy Story, The Wild West and Americana.

Meet Mickey Mouse and Minnie, along with other great Disney characters. See Cinderellas Castle shimmering in the sunlight, and watch impressive fireworks and Disney parades. Get your adrenaline thrills on dozens of rides, and see amazing Broadway-style shows for a day of endless fun!

Get discounts at Disneyland restaurants. A great value meal voucher (not included) gets you one lunch, one dinner, and one snack!

Disneyland e-ticket valid for 1 days

You will receive your Disneyland entrance ticket by email. Please proceed to the information counter upon arrival for redemption.

• You will receive an instant confirmation voucher on booking. Please note that this cannot be used to redeem your Hong Kong Disneyland entrance ticket. You will receive a separate voucher by email from the local operator after booking with your Hong Kong Disneyland e-ticket

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Hong Kong Disneyland 1-Day Entrance Ticket

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Hong Kong Tourist Attractions

HK Electricity: Adaptors And Sockets

Stay connected: Internet, WiFi, SIM Cards

Health and Safety: Drinking the water, vaccinations

Money Matters: Changing Money, ATMs

More Hong Kong Attractions For Kids

Guide to Hong Kong Seafood: What To Eat, How To Order

Restaurants and Bars with spectacular views

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center

Great Buddhas and Sampans… Markets and Temples…

And naturally The Peak… The Star Ferry… And That Glorious Harbour…

A Stunning Harbour, Sweeping Skyline Views, Bustling Markets, Ancient Traditions…

The Peak… The Star Ferry… And Our Stunning Harbour…

Food and Temples… Markets and Sampans… Old Traditions… Modern Skylines…The Life and Heart Of the City…

Hong Kong Tourist Attractionsare numerous and varied, so where to start? The best Hong Kong has to offer is not only about the top landmarks and sightseeing venues… We love to experience Hong Kong through its food, the lively markets, little temples and shrines scattered throughout, which give you a glimpse into traditions which are still very much a part of every day Hong Kong life…

There are theclassic Hong Kong Landmarkslike theStar FerryandVictoria Peak, as well as the newcomersHong Kong Disneylandwhich is great fun for little kids or theSky100 Observation Deckin Hong Kongs tallest building and newest addition to theHong Kong skyline, the ICC tower.

So here is a rundown of our topHong Kong Tourist Attractionsas well as the many landmarks that characterize the city.

How best to see them all?Check out ourGetting Orientedpage, which gives you an idea of what is where and how to plan your day, and ourSightseeing Guidefor the many tips on getting around and enjoying the best Hong Kong has to offer.

And heres a quick-link list in alphabetical order of allHong Kong Attractions, Landmarks and Things To Docovered in our site to date.Must Do Hong Kong Tourist Attractions

These are Hong Kongs classic landmarks and our top Hong Kong Attractions, the ones we would definitely try to experience on a first trip to Hong Kong:Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbour is Hong Kongs prized iconic landmark. Framed by one of the worlds most famous skylines, it never fails to convey the essence of the city: exciting, glamorous, sparkling, stylish…

It just blows you away the first time you see it, and every time after that…

Always bustling with activity, the harbour must be experienced during the day and at night.

So how do you do the Harbour? Heres a guide to enjoying the best views whether on foot, on the water, by air…Victoria Harbour… the complete guideVictoria Harbour CruisesFavorite Walk: The Tsim Sha Tsui PromenadeThe Central Waterfront Promenade and the Ferris WheelSky 100 Observation DeckFrom the Air: A Helicopter Tour

Victoria Peak is Hong Kong Islands highest point and a landmark of the Hong Kong skyline.

The attraction, however, is not the peak itself, but the breathtaking views of the Harbour from a variety of viewing platforms and the fun way to get to the summit: the Peak Tram.

On a clear day, you can see as far as the South China Sea and the surrounding islands. And if the vistas during the day are amazing, the sight at night is just simply jaw-dropping…

What we refer to asthe Peakis actually an entire complex including restaurants, shops, viewing terraces, and even a Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

Heres a guide to Victoria Peak and the Peak Tram, where the best views are and everything that is on offer nearby:Victoria Peak the complete GuideVictoria Peak TramVictoria Peak TowerVictoria Peak GalleriaMadame Tussauds Wax Musseum

The Star Ferry is a Hong Kong institution, you havent done Hong Kong without a ride on the Star Ferry.

The unmistakable green and white double-deckers have been shuttling residents between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon in the mainland for over 120 years. Up to 1978 when the Cross-Harbour Tunnel opened, it was the only way to cross the harbour.

This beloved icon of the city is a lot more than just a means of transportation, for tourists, it is a real sightseeing bargain, a one-way fare on the Star Ferry will set you back HK$2.50, about US$0.35, and offer spectacular views of Victoria Harbour and the Hong Kong skyline.

The Hong Kong Big Buddha in Lantau Island is one of the largest seated Buddha statues in the world.

Tian Tan, as it is also known, is made of bronze and sits atop the Ngong Ping Plateau.

Getting to Tian Tan with the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car, in itself an attraction, is definitely the recommended way to get there as this 20-minute ride takes you over some of Lantau islands most beautiful scenery.

Nearby, the Ngong Ping Village is well appointed with modern facilities and serves as the central point and transportation hub for the many highlights and tourist attractions in the area which can be combined during your visit, such as the Po Lin Monastery and the Tai O Fishing Village.

Guide to the Hong Kong Big BuddhaTaking the Ngong Ping Cable Car

Nearby attractions:The Ngong Ping VillageThe Po Lin MonasteryThe Tai O Fishing Village

Flower Markets, Fish Markets, Souvenir and Trinket Bazaars, Jade Markets, Night Markets, Food Stalls…

Hong Kong Markets are colorful and lively, a photographers paradise and a great place to people watch, sample some local foods, catch a few bargains, or simply soak some of the local flavour as this is still pretty much a part of every day life in Hong Kong. Try to visit at least one market during your stay, chances are, there will be one just around the corner.

Top Picks:Ladies MarketTemple Street Night MarketStanley Market and Village

Great Market Walks:The Mongkok Market Walk:The Flower Market, Bird Garden, Goldfish Market, Jade Market, Ladies Market, etc.Sheung Wan Walk:Dried Seafood Market, Cat Street, Hollywood Road Antique Curios, and an Ancient Temple.

The Avenue of the Stars and the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade run along the tip of Kowloons waterfront and is one of Hong Kongs most spectacular walks.

It offers some of the most breathtaking views of the Hong Kong skyline and bustling Victoria Harbour.

It is a great place to unwind after a day of sightseeing, just sit outside and relax, grab a bite, people watch, enjoy the sweeping views… or take in the daily Symphony of Lights evening free show.

Along the walkway there are cafes and eateries, benches to relax and some of the Kowloon sides greatest landmarks, such as the Tsim Sha Tsui Clocktower and the Hong Kong Museum of Art.

The Avenue of Stars is a tribute to Hong Kongs movie icons and is the territorys answer to Hollywoods Walk of Fame.

Map and Walking Guide to the Avenue of the Stars and the Tsim Sha Tsui PromenadeThe Symphony of Lights

Yes, FOOD is its own attraction in Hong Kong. Dim Sum brunches, seafood villages, Dai Pai Dongs, floating restaurants… from Michelin Stars to street food stalls… Food is serious business in Hong Kong… There are flavors and budgets for all. Hong Kongs pride and joy is of course Cantonese food.

Food will be intertwined with your sightseeing… A trip to the night markets is never complete without a quick bite at the dai pai dongs, and enjoying a gorgeous cruise accross the bay is not only about the spectacular views, its also about that fresh seafood at the other end…

So what should you try? Heres a guide to some of our favourite Hong Kong foods and food experiences you shouldnt miss.

A Guide to Hong Kong Food ExperiencesDim Sum: What and How to Order

This is Hong Kongs Light and Sound Show, a tribute to the city and its people, their diversity, energy and vitality.

This is afree showoffered by the city and it takes place every night at 8:00 p.m.. It lasts about 15 minutes.

The stage is the entire city, which is what makes it so unique, you can watch the lights from just about anywhere in the waterfront.

The light show involves some forty buildings on both sides of the harbour, with most of the prominent buildings featuring in the show. The lights and beams go in synch with the music (most of the time) but it really depends on where you are whether you will hear the music and narrative.

Guide to the Symphony of Lights ShowSymphony of Lights Harbour Cruises Info and Booking

Try Hard to See Hong Kong Attractions

There are so many more tourist attractions in Hong Kong that you cant see them all on one trip. Its a great excuse to come back… a few more times…

So focus and what interests you the most first, then pick a few more to round up your stay.

Here are some more popular Hong Kong tourist attractions, some must-dos if youre traveling with children, and some great options for after-hours entertainment as well.

A Picturesque Harbour, Sampan Rides, Seafood Markets, Floating Restaurants…

The quaint and charming Aberdeen Fishing Village is not far from the hustle and bustle of the heart of Hong Kong, but seems like light-years away from it all, at first look.

Here you see rows upon rows of the old-fashioned junks and sampans, some house boats where the fishermen and their families still live, (at least for some 9 months of the year) all going on their daily routines, which now include mobile phones and satellite dishes.

It is a very picturesque scene, with the unexpected touch of modernity right and left.

Best way to catch all the action is with a sampan ride. You can also walk along the promenade where you find a colorful seafood market, and dont miss the grand floating restaurants, also a Hong Kong trademark.

Come say Ni Hao to Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and the Gang! Hong Kong Disneyland is the smallest of the Disney Parks, and even though the selection of rides and attractions is limited (although growing) there are plenty of magical moments to be had at the land of Mouse.

The small size of the park and family-friendly set up makes it a perfect place to spend the day with small children. Particularly for toddlers and children under 10, the park will be a very magical experience, whether it is your first time at a Disney park or a repeat visitor.

There is the familiar Disney perks: the parade, the fireworks, meeting Mickey and Friends… In our Complete Guide you learn about the different lands and most popular rides, on our Tips for Visiting, we tell you about where to buy discount tickets and how to skip the lines at the popular rides.

Guide to Hong Kong DisneylandTips and Discount TicketsHong Kong Disneyland Hotels

Grand Aquariums, Exotic Animals, Roller Coasters…

Ocean Park Hong Kong has transitioned from a good place for a day out of the city to a truly dont miss attraction in Hong Kong, specially with the kids.

As the name suggests, marine life is a big part of it, but beyond the wonderful sea life exhibits including a world-class Aquarium and one-of-a-kind exhibits like the Chinese Sturgeon tunnel, Ocean Park has also branched out to include other rare and endangered animals likeGiant Pandasand Red Pandas.

To round up the entertainment, Ocean Park also offers an array of shows, rides and roller coasters, which offer a great alternative to Disneyland for older children and teenagers. There is truly something for everyone in the family.

Guide to Ocean Park Hong KongDiscount Tickets to Ocean Park Hong KongGuide to the Grand AquariumGiant Pandas at Ocean ParkThe Ocean Park Cable Car

The Hong Kong junk has come to represent the old traditional values that are still so ever present in this cosmopolitan city. The sight of this venerable vessel with its flashy red sails set against the backdrop of an ultra modern skyline is certainly striking and it has become a cherished symbol of the city.

There arent that many traditional sampans in operation any more, so if you happen to see the red-sail sampans traversing the waters of the bay, it will more than likely be either the Duk Ling or the Aqua Luna.

It is now easier than ever to ride on one of this traditional vessels with Duk Ling and Aqua Luna offering regularly scheduled trips on a daily basis. Here are some tips and guidelines to help you plan your junk ride.

Guide to Traditional Hong Kong Junks and booking a sailing

The beautiful horses, the skillful jockeys ,the crowds going wild, they all add up to an exciting, fun-filled, thrilling atmosphere in a world-class venue.

Horse racing in Hong Kong is serious stuff and a major part of the Hong Kong economy and culture.

Happy Valley is a world-class state-of-the-art racing course. In the early days, it was not more than swamp land, but the only flat surface in Hong Kong Island, so that was the location of the racing course by default. Through the years, the city has built around the Happy Valley race course, and it is now practically surrounded by skyscrapers. That is indeed a sight in itself, specially at night when the city is illuminated.Guide to the Happy Valley Horse RacesExclusive offer for overseas visitors: Horse Racing at the Hong Kong Jockey Club:It gives you access to the Members Enclosure, dinner at the prestigious Hong Kong Jockey Club, and a tour of the parade ring and winning post.The Happy Valley Wednesday Horse Races Crawl- Hong Kongs ultimate night of horse races and bar hopping!

The Jumbo Floating Restaurant together with the Tai Pak, are Hong Kongs iconic Floating Palaces. They have been in movies, are frequented by luminaries, movie stars and royalty, and are a common sight in tourist brochures and postcards. They have been around since the 1950s and are very much a part of the Hong Kong scene.

Stop by for a drink or one of the ostentatious 9-course meals… with prices to match of course but a real treat with stupendous views of the harbour.

Guide to the Jumbo Floating RestaurantJumbo Floating Restaurant Dinner Package Info and Booking

The Tai O Fishing Village in the Western coast of Lantau Island is a quaint and picturesque enclave in a pretty setting on the coast framed by the mountains. Theres much activity surrounding the harbour, the traditional seafood market and the daily routines in the stilt houses, a photographers dream and definitely worth the trip.

If you are already visiting the Big Buddha, then it is a short bus or taxi ride, about 15 minutes. You can easily spend a couple of hours just walking around the market and taking one of the little boats to explore around the harbour and the stilt houses for a close up view and perhaps catch a glimpse of the elusive Pink Dolphins.

Still a very much upheld tradition, Hong Kong temples are a window to the rich cultural heritage of the territories….More…

Not only for rainy days! Some of Hong Kong Museums are

a must. Museums of History, Art, Science, Heritage,

The Hong Kong Skyline is legendary with its stunning architecture and cool

buildings many of which are landmarks on their own right.More…

Colorful markets, fishing villages, nearby islands, walking tours, bus excursions, harbour cruises, helicopter rides… a wealth of activities and things to do… these are our favourites.Read more…

The Outlying Islands, the New Territories, China and Macau… all at our doorstep and easily accesible as a day trip or weekend trip from Hong Kong…Read more…

Not far from the hustle and bustle of the city, theres wide open areas, beautiful

beaches, marshes and wetlands teeming with life.More…

Aberdeen Fishing VillageAvenue of the StarsBird MarketCat StreetCentral Waterfront PromenadeCheung Chau IslandChi Lin NunneryDay TripsDialogue In The DarkChinese New Year Flower Market Victoria ParkDim Sum: How to Eat, Where to EatDing Ding TramDisneylandDried Seafood StreetsFa Yuen Street MarketFeng Shui Class – FREE!Ferris WheelFireworks over the HarbourFish and Seafood MarketsFlower MarketFruit and Produce MarketsGoldfish MarketHappy Valley Horse RacesHelicopter TourHollywood StreetHong Kong Bank BuildingHong Kong Big BuddhaHong Kong Convention CentreHong Kong FoodHong Kong JunksHong Kong Landmark BuildingsHong Kong MarketsHong Kong MuseumsHong Kong TemplesHong Kong ToursHong Kong Wetland ParkHop-On-Hop-Off BusICC TowerJade MarketJumbo Floating RestaurantKai Tak Cruise TerminalKum Yam Shrine Repulse BayKung Fu DemoLadies MarketLamma IslandLantau Island Things to Do/SeeLantau Day TripLion Dance DemoMacau Day TripMacau Things to Do/SeeMadame Tussauds Wax MusseumMai Po Nature ReserveMan Mo TempleMidLevels EscalatorMongkok WalkMuseum of HistoryNan Lian GardenNature and WildlifeNgong Ping Cable CarNgong Ping VillageObservation WheelOcean ParkOutdoors: Beaches, Hiking, Marshes, IslandsPeak TramPink Dolphin Watch CruisePo Lin MonasteryRepulse BaySai Kung Fishing VillageSheung Wan Things to Do/SeeSheung Wan Walking TourSky 100 Observation DeckStanley MarketStar FerryStreet FoodSymphony of LightsTai O Fishing VillageTemple Street Night MarketTen Thousand Buddhas MonasteryTin Hau TemplesVictoria HarbourVictoria Harbour CruisesVictoria PeakVictoria Peak GalleriaVictoria Peak TowerWalking Tour Kowloon MarketsWong Tai Sin TempleMost Popular ExcursionsSend a Tip!Got something to share? Let us know!Share This Page!Book Your New Years Eve Fireworks Cruise Now!

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Up And About Hong Kong, Latest HK Traveller News

Winterfest, New Year, Formula E, Horse Racing

Dragon and Lion Festival, Volvo Ocean Race, HK Marathon, Cats The Musical…

Chinese New Year, Cats, Valentines Day

Hong Kongs signature firework celebration…

Golden dragons, flying lions, drums and gongs… Jan 1, 2018

Pleasant Temperatures are Here! Marshes, Beaches, Hikes, Island Hopping…

Its time! Migrating birds are here…

Bus, Taxi, Private Car or Airport Express?

Top 10 Hong Kong (Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guide)

Lonely Planet Hong Kong (Travel Guide)

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Top 40 Hong-Kong Tours Activities 2017 – Best price guaranteed

Categories, Attractions, Deals & Transfers

Day Trips & Excursions outside the city

Airport Transfers & Ground Transportation

Chek Lap Kok – Hong Kong International Airport

Experience the best of Hong Kong: take the tram up Victoria Peak, see Aberdeen Harbour and visit Stanley Market for some shopping.

See Hong Kong as never before from the top of an open-top bus, the King of all sightseeing vehicles. Hop on and off to several highlights of Hong Kong including The Pea…

Spend a day exploring Macau, the oldest European settlement in the Orient. Drive along Guia Circuit where Macau Grand Prix is held annually and visit the 400-year-old A-m…

Channel your inner foodie and become an expert in Cantonese cuisine as you explore Kowloons most authentic restaurants, markets, and food stalls. Venture far off the tou…

AVAILABLETuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

Explore the streets of Hong Kong by boarding a unique and elegant 1920s tram. Get to know the citys history and its development through authentic tales of local life an…

See Lantau Islands top attractions including the Tian Tan Buddha, the Po Lin Monastery, Cheung Sha beach and the Tai O fishing village. Ride the Ngong Ping Cable Car and…

Enjoy a delicious and authentic dim sum meal and find out how this food plays an important part in Hong Kongs culture.

Join an evening cruise around one of the most spectacular harbors in the world. Get an uninterrupted view of the worlds largest dazzling light and sound show.

Enjoy sailing through the Victoria Harbour and have dinner at the Jumbo Floating Restaurant.

Be enchanted by a magical kingdom inspired by fairy-tale dreams as you explore Hong Kong Disneylands seven interactive lands – Mystic Point, Grizzly Gulch, Toy Story Lan…

Enjoy dinner with spectacular views of Hong Kong, pick up bargains at the Temple Street Night Market and enjoy unlimited drinks on board a Chinese-style tour boat.

Save up to 50% and discover Hong Kong and Macau with entry to 15 top attractions and shows over 3 or 5 days. With your Hong Kong & Macau iVenture Card, its the more you …

Immerse yourself in the wonders of one of Hong Kongs best attractions! Take your family on entertaining park rides, travel over the ocean on a cable car and enjoy close …

Calling the adventurous and the romantics, the shopaholics and the serenity seekers out there! Explore different pockets of the city; from ethnic minority communities to …

Visit Ocean Park Hong Kong and enjoy the parks wide array of fun attractions, special exhibits, animal experiences and roller coaster rides. Explore with friends and fam…

Experience the real local culture of Hong Kong and explore the fascinating neighborhoods of Kowloon. Visit the Flower Market, the charming Chinese-style garden of the Yue…

AVAILABLETuesday, Thursday and Sunday

Discover the magic and visit one of HKs largest theme parks in this convenient package that includes hotel pick-up. Located in Lantau Island, Hong Kong Disneyland featur…

Take an enjoyable cruise to Lei Yue Mun Seafood village and enjoy a scrumptious Chinese set dinner at Lei Yue Mun restaurant.

Take a half day city tour when you stopover at Hong Kong!

Experience an exciting night out in Hong Kong and visit some of the best spots in the city. Get 4 free shots at 4 bars, enjoy exclusive discounted drink deals and free VI…

Spend the evening enjoying free drinks from out open bar on board our authentic Chinese Sightseeing tour boat as she sails within the harbour

Enjoy a full day excursion to Guangzhou (Canton) offering a mix of history, culture and sightseeing! Join this tour for a Taste of China.

Tours to Mainland China from Hong Kong

AVAILABLEMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Cross the border into Mainland China to visit Shenzhen. Mingle with the locals at Lizhi Park, take in the city views from Meridian View Centre, enjoy traditional Chinese …

Tours to Mainland China from Hong Kong

Enjoy a return ferry from Hong Kong to Cheung Chau Island for some sightseeing and a Chinese dim sum lunch!

AVAILABLEMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Spend an enjoyable morning gaining knowledge about Hong Kongs bubblegum pink dolphins and their environment.

Immerse yourself in this journey of Hong Kong, from traditional fishing harbor to international financial powerhouse. Learn about the influence of Feng Shui on the centra…

You may have been to Hong Kong before but do you know the story of how it came to be? Join this Hong Kong tour to walk the streets with a local guide wholl give you the …

Enjoy dinner at Lamma Island, visit the fisherfolk village, and watch the Symphony of Lights Show!

AVAILABLEMonday, Wednesday and Friday

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