50 Great Gadget and Gear Gifts for the Holidays

Whether youre looking for a great pair of headphones, the perfect watch, or the best engineering toys, Popular Mechanics gift guide has you covered. Good gift giving depends a lot on well-timed serendipity. Aisle wandering and clicking around online usually lead you to the perfect thing for your car-loving cousin or made-here-obsessed best friend. Trouble … Continue reading “50 Great Gadget and Gear Gifts for the Holidays”

Whether youre looking for a great pair of headphones, the perfect watch, or the best engineering toys, Popular Mechanics gift guide has you covered.

Good gift giving depends a lot on well-timed serendipity. Aisle wandering and clicking around online usually lead you to the perfect thing for your car-loving cousin or made-here-obsessed best friend. Trouble is, times at a premium these days. Our gift to you this holiday season, then, is the next seven pages of time savings. These collections, personally discovered byPopular Mechanics, are loaded with enough great ideas for virtually everybody you know.

Cut, measure, and clip, all with your keychain.

Drinking the right kind of liquor is only half the battle, you also need to right ice set for on the rocks perfection. This sphere ice mold set is up to the task.

Charge it up with the sun or the hand crank. You can also use it to top off your phone battery.

Everything you need to fish, including a 9-foot fly-fishing that collapses to 10 inches.

Youve never had a drink on the rocks quite like this. Although it looks like a normal whiskey glass, the bottom is actually a topographic mold of a real world mountain. Be one with the outdoorseven when youre drinking.

Weighs only 2 ounces and filters more than 250 gallons of water.

The MMX Vancouver Marshmallow Crossbow will be going to a few very lucky people on my list. It shoots marshmallows up to 60 feet. And not those little tiny marshmallows. The big campfire ones. I dont know why anyone wouldnt want one of these.

-Ryan DAgostino, Editor-in-chief ofPopular Mechanics

Durable, easy to read in any weather, and limited to only 50.

With a retro design and a rustproof finish, this Stanley flask is a camping standard. Dont let a friend explore the outdoors without one.

A knife and a bottle-cap opener that comes with a 25-year warranty.

Holds up your pants. Looks good. Washable.

With a Goodyear welt construction that will last for years, this American-made boot is classic footwear dressed up in leather. It also has cushion comfort insole and ankle padding for when you spend all day on your feet.

The Raden A22 Carry-On suitcase looks like a fine piece of luggage and Ive been eyeing one. I do a lot of quick business trips and I never check a bag. I think I could fit everything I need in there.

-Ryan DAgostino, Editor-in-chief ofPopular Mechanics

Protects your credit cards with RFID-blocking material. Ten percent of proceeds go to the Navy SEAL Foundation.

This is a drinking vessel for only the most serious brewmaster. With a tap handle and internal pressure gauges, a beer will stay fresh for weeks inside this steampunk-looking growler.

From Barebones Kitchen, this cast-iron skillet is a must-need for any kitchen or campsite. Its no-frills construction makes sure what youre cooking heats up evenly, and Barebones promises quality with its lifetime limited warranty.

The wool keeps you warm. The leather keeps you protected.

Slip on for grip and waterproof protection in any situation.

A 20-liter pack with fully customizable inner compartments.

I didnt know cotton could be that soft. You just dont want to take it off. I would say I wear it more days that not in any given year. On the other days, my wife wears it.

-Ryan DAgostino, Editor-in-chief ofPopular Mechanics

One ofour top picks for the best thermos you can buy, the Zojirushi Stainless Steel Tuff bottle is the sporty addition to a wide-range of bottles with near supernatural heat (or cold) retaining abilities. It comes with a collapsable handle, a carrying strap, and wind mouth so any size ice cube can fit without issue. It also helps that its well-loved by previous owners on Amazon.

Read ourBest Thermos Guidefor even more options!

Theres a good reason why a Yeti, especially one as versatile as the Flip, makes peoples eyes go big: Aside from being perfectly sized to fit a 12-pack and a block of iceor a tray of hot barbecueits equipped with waterproof, leakproof zippers and a puncture- and mildew-resistant shell. And it keeps ice for days.

Read ourBest Soft Coolers Guidefor even more options!

Can you (and up to four friends) tame the inhospital Red Planet? InTerraforming Mars, you goal is to build cities and enact terraforming projects to create Earth 2.0. But the tricky part is making sure you create a world that helps give you an edge over your opponent and gain victory points. Its the first game we recommend on our list of50 best board games, and its a gift that wont disappoint.

Read our50 Best Board Games Guidefor even more options!

All down jackets are warm, sure. But the stitching and outer materials can be inflexible. Not a quality you want while adventuring. Mountain Hardwear, which for nearly 25 years has been finding technical ways to outfit folks in, well, the mountains, uses a new knit fabric with four-way stretch and welds together the jackets baffles rather than stitches to give you maximum movement.

It doesnt get quite as classic as a the 22-inch Weber Kettle. Incredibly high-rated on Amazon, the Weber is the perfect grill for someone with a small space or isnt looking to fire up a whole rack of ribs. The Kettles wheels also makes the grill super portable and easy to use and requires little assembly. If you know someone with a predilection for cooking, this grill will become a fast friend.

Read ourBest Charcoal Grill Guidefor even more options!

Described as a tactical multitool, this Gerber MP600 (theCenter-Driveis another solid option) is specifically designed for military-grade work, so it can handle whatever you throw at it. With a front sight adjuster, carbon scraper, and a blasting cap crimper, the MP600 stands out with a decidedly non-shiny finish.

Read ourBest Multitools Guidefor even more options!

Coming in at a massive 20,800 mAh and 640 lumens, the Gear Aid FLUX is a new kind of lamp for lighting any campsite. Aside from just providing some light in times of darkness, USB ports help keep phones and tablets charged even while youre off the grid. For someone prone to the outdoors, this lamp is a must-have.

Read our BestCamp Lights Guidefor even more options!

Getting into drones can be an expensive proposition, especially as a beginner when you run the risk of catastrophic crashes. Thats why drones like the Mambo FPV are so great. For one, theyre not too expensive and theyre small enough to mess around with indoors. Its an anytime, anywhere kind of drone. Parrot also added a camera attachment to the Mambo, so you can get practice becoming the aerial photographer youve always wanted to be.

Although wi-fi systems like Sonos sound great, theyre not quite as portable or convenient as a solid Bluetooth speaker. Yes, there are a lot to chose from but luckily Ultimate Ears make it an easy choice. The UE Roll 2 is the most interesting of the bunch, offering up 9 hours of battery life and waterproofing in a super-small package. Of course, if you want some more oomf, you can also upgrade to theBoom 2or theMegaboom, but for a great sounding speaker on the golook no further.

Read ourBest Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers Guidefor more options!

Crafted by brothers Bobby and Clayton Chamberlain, this leather apron can hold up to whatever your workshop can throw at it. It comes in a variety of styles, and it looks damn good. But the best part is that youll be support a small family business.

If you know someone whos a serious coffee drinker, they need some serious coffee gear. This Stagg kettle is the perfect hot water creator for any coffee or tea addict in your life. It also helps that it looks awesome and comes with a temperature gauge to make sure your next cup of a joe isjustright.

Read ourBest Coffee Gear Guidefor more options!

This reflector telescope has a 5-inch aperture and a computer to help locate things in the sky. Its also a great starter telescope that wont get in the way of an intrepid novice. If youre lucky, you could be igniting a passion of a budding astronomer.

Read ourBest Telescopes Guidefor more options!

We highlighted this hoodie in our Made in America feature this yearand for good reason. These hoodies are from wool sheared from sheep on the Duckworths Helle Ranch in Bozeman, Montana. The crimped fiber in these hoodies dont need Lycra, so the hoodie remains odor freenot to mention its comfortable as hell.

Vinyl is back, didnt you hear? And there are lots of tables you could go with. But for most beginners, your best bet is the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon. We called it the best value that exists out there with a carbon fiber arm and a great ortofon cartridge. Its also the most slick-looking table out there that will look great in any home or apartment.

Read ourBest Turntables Guidefor more options!

No camera is right for everyone, but the Olympus OM-D Em10 Mark II. This 16 MP Micro Four Thirds DSLR is small enough that you wont mind carrying it around, but serious enough to be a big step up from a smartphone, and take hi-res pictures fit for printing. With a considerable library of lenses, a delightful retro look, and a price point that puts it well below the more professional tier of cameras that can cost as much as $1,000, the OM-D E-M10 MKII is a great camera for aspiring photographers that want a tool, not a toy, but also not break the bank.

Read ourBest Cameras Guidefor more options!

This might not look like the DJI drone youre used to. Known for its much bigger Phantom lineup of drones, the Spark is tiny. Butdont let its size fool youbecause the DJI Spark is jam-packed with technology. The coolest bit is a 3D sensing camera near the the 12MP sensor that can recognize human faces, and best of all, human movements. Yes, you can control this drone with the wave of a hand. It comes in five colors at starts at $460. But if you want to the full packagewith extra batteries and a controllerthen its the $680 Fly More package youre looking for.

Read ourBest Drones Guidefor even more options!

If youve got some money to spendor just really like someoneget them the Sennheiser HD1 wireless headphones. Built by one of the greatest audio companies in existence, these headphones are the ultimate blend of performance and style. Theyre active noise-canceling superpowers also make them dispensable when traveling or working. If your friend or loved one is more of an earbud kind of person,Bose Quietcomfort 20sare the absolute best money can buy.

A wearable blanket, like a snuggie, is no new thing, and Woolrichs ponchos are the best in the business. Made for men and women, this 100 percent wool poncho will keep you warming while also making you look like a badass cowboy that belongs on the dusty mesa of the American Southwest. Why settle for a blanket when you can get a blanket you can wear.

It looks a little like a kaleidoscope, and, frankly, works like one too. A budding astronomer twists the scope to the specific time, day, and month, holds it up to his eye, and takes in an accurate map of the nights sky, with more than 1,500 stars and constellations.

Learning to code doesnt have to be boring, and the Kano Computer Kit proves it. Kids six years and older can buildtheir own computerand learn to code with art, music, apps, and games. The kit comes with a Raspberry Pi 3, speakers, a keyboard, HDMI, and more. You do need an external monitor of some kind, but its a great way to spark interest in technology at a young age. Kano also makes other kits that can expand your kids imagination, once theyve mastered all the concepts the Kano Computer has to offer.

Read ourBest Coding Toys Guidefor more ideas!

The worst thing about a nerf gun is the reloading. Fire off a dozen darts, and youre pretty much done.Not so with the Nerf Rival Nemesis. Although this powered Nerf gun uses small balls instead of darts, its a much more long-lasting, gun-blasting high than your traditional Nerf gun. A flywheel shoots these balls and impressive speeds though, so youre going to want to make sure you dont gettoocarried away with this ball-launching behemoth.

When you need to haul some serious gear, a normal backpack just isnt going to cut it. For these moments, you need something like the ArcTeryx Altra 65. Its not exactly the cheapest pack thats ever existed, but it will last years and years. Its impressive collection of well-throughout pockets and zippers makes it easy to pack and it helps distribute weight making a lot feel like a little. If you want even more inspiration, check out ourBest Hiking Backpacks Guidefor even more options.

Shinola, the young Detroit-based watch manufacturer thats swiftly becoming an all-American luxury company, likes to give credit where credit is due when it comes to its built-here forebears. It also recognizes that the best things in life tend to start with the spark of a lighterthe fuse of a firework, a celebratory cigar, a roaring winter fire. Which is why its teamed up with Zippo, based in Bradford, Pennsylvania, and making reliable fire starters since the 30s, to deliver a collaboration lighter in a do-not-mess-with-me matte-black finish.

As far as camp knives goes, this one looks (and is) awesome. With a full tang construction and heavy-duty walnut dymondwood handle, this knife can handle anything you throw at it when youre on the campsite (or off). It also comes with a leather sheath, which is just an extra bonus. Of course, there are many ways to knife in the great outdoors, and there are more options to ponder in ourGuide to Camp Knives.

Every year, the greatest gift I receive is often a simple onea really good book. And if you know someone with a predilection for science fiction, thereare several to choose from. But in 2017, Jeff VanderMeersBornehas impressed us the most. The biotech-fueled post apocalypse is filled with amazing moments and characters thatll keep the pages turning.

Much like how Apollo 11 was one of NASAs most daring missions, the same could be said when saddling up to complete this intimidatingly large Lego Saturn V rocket. At almost 2,000 pieces and standing at 36 inches when assembled, it truly is a majestic Lego kiteven if youre not a space nerd. Its likely an 8-hour mission to assemble this alone, so be sure to recruit some friends.

Read theBest Space Lego Guidefor more ideas!

Timbuk2 doesnt need more evidence as to why theyre one of the best bag makers out there, but the Blink provides some anyway. The ultimate choice for getting a way for the weekend, the Blink is a tough, water-resistant bag that can fit a 15-inch laptop, a clean design, and internal compartments for helping to keep you organized. The black looks pretty good, but Id opt for the visually stunning electric blue if I were you.

Read ourBest Commuter Bag Guidefor more ideas!

For many people, wallets can be the pain of your existence. Theyre big, bulky, and awkwardunless theyre not. The Distil Union Wally looks like an average wallet, but its built-in money clip, small openings for cards, and pull tabs for getting the cards out helps slim this wallet down considerable. It also helps that the all-leather wallet looks pretty great, too.

Read ourBest Wallets Guidefor more ideas!

Just because its cold doesnt mean you cant enjoy the outdoors in some style. This wool hat from Filson is a classic design, built for keeping your noggin at (or above) room temperature. It also comes in three different colors if green isnt quite your friends style.

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Melania Trump Christmas is not about the gifts

Updated 2024 GMT (0424 HKT) December 13, 2017

Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out whats happening in the world as it unfolds.

Melania Trump: Its an honor to be first lady

Melania Trump visited Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling on Wednesday

She helped sort toys and decorate cards for their Toys for Tots drive

Washington (CNN)Melania Trump continued a holiday tradition on Wednesday, visiting with military families and sorting gifts at a Toys for Tots event at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, where she delivered a reflective message on her initial year as first lady.

On a personal note, as my first year as first lady comes to an end, I have had the privilege to witness the spirit and resilience of so many people in our country. After this years devastating hurricane season, I hope everyone watching at home will consider giving back through programs like Toys for Tots, she said, delivering brief remarks at a podium surrounded by wrapped holiday

.@FLOTUSMelania Trump is at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling today, helping sort toys at a Toys for Tots event with military itter.com/TUoXGPc4d1

Betsy Klein (@betsy_klein)December 13, 2017

Ive seen people from all over our great nation pitch in to help those who lost everything, and I want to challenge people to continue with that giving spirit over Christmas and in the new year, she added.

Trump has been a front-and-center figure for her husbands administration in the wake of the multiple devastating hurricanes this year, accompanying President Donald Trump on trips to Texas, Louisiana, Florida and Puerto Rico, and last week, viewing recovery and relief efforts in Texas Corpus Christi area with second lady Karen Pence. She also recorded a public service announcement encouraging Americans to donate to organizations of their choice or volunteer in storm-ravaged areas.

Melania Trump and Karen Pence to visit Texas storm victims

On Wednesday, the first lady decorated holiday cards and sorted donated toys with the children of service members as part of the Marine Corps Reserves annual Toys for Tots drive.

As Bing Crosbys White Christmas and other Christmas classics played, Trump and the children carried stuffed animals, action figures, dolls and games, placing them into oversized boxes marked Boy, Girl and Toddler. Trump bent down to help some of the littlest helpers sort their toys as one small boy carried a teddy bear bigger than himself to one of the bins.

It is my hope that during this holiday season, people will remember it is not about gifts — it is abt family, service, & gratitude. We must continue to look out for, & help each other,@flotussays. Shes sorting toys with military children here at Joint Base Anacostia-Bollingpic.twitter.com/XNuuMHLC1P

Betsy Klein (@betsy_klein)December 13, 2017

Trump, who has made visits with children a hallmark of her public appearances during her tenure, animatedly exchanged hugs and high-fives and posed for photos with the children before moving to a card-decorating station.

Dressed in a festive green coat, she lifted one little girl carrying a marker onto her lap as the children colored holiday

Merry Christmas! she said. What is your wish?

Then-first lady Michelle Obama alsovisitedthe base for each of the eight years her husband was in office.

Trumps holiday message this year: its not about gifts.

It is my hope that during this holiday season, people will remember it is not about gifts — it is about family, service and gratitude. We must continue to look out for, and help each other, she said.

Best Christmas 2017 gifts for mums – from Dyson hairdryers and Liz Earle beauty sets to spa days and afternoon tea experiences

Paper Subscription to the Daily Mirror

Paper Subscription to the Sunday Mirror

Best Christmas 2017 gifts for mums – from Dyson hairdryers and Liz Earle beauty sets to spa days and afternoon tea experiences

Struggling on what to get your mum or Mother in law this year? Get her the gift she really deserves this Christmas with some inspiration from our handy guide

Whether youre stuck for ideas or looking to bag an incredible deal, these gift ideas for mums or mother-in-laws will definitely earn you favourite family member status thisChristmas.

Theres options for all budgets, ranging from stocking fillers under a tenner to luxury beauty gadgets like the Dyson hairdryer shell use all the time.

And once youve got the most important lady in your lifes gifts sorted, you can find even morepresent ideasfor the rest of the family – including forgifts for himteenagersor thekids.

With butter-soft suede on the outside and oh-so cosy shearling on the inside, these luxurious gloves should be at the top of her winter wish list.

Treat her to one of the best bottles of rose you can get your hands on – with a beautiful bottle youll want to keep for years to come.

You get it in a nice gift boxat Selfridges.

These sweet and stylish glitter silver compacts are hand poured with small batch beeswax lip balm enriched with super softening organic shea butter, protective beeswax and smoothing sweet almond oil.

Every kitchen cabinet needs a martini set.

Ideal for cosying up together with mulled wine or hot chocolates by the fire.

Change the letters to create your own message

Add a bit of sparkle to her knitwear collection.

Midnight Fig & Pomegranate, Jojoba, Silk & Almond Oil and Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit Votive holders beautifully presented in metallic white gold with home embossed in ruby red detail.

Everyone loves unwrapping new pyjamas at Christmas – especially striped ones.

Treat her feet to some gorgeous luxury slippers.

Whip up mouthwatering desserts and confections from this cute recipe book.

Shes halfway there to her New Years Eve outfit with this velvet skirt.

You can personalise this with her initials.

Help her make the house look cosy this Christmas.

This super cosy and soft snowflake robe is perfect for those cold winter nights.

Contains shower cream, body oil, body cream, hand and nail cream and an exclusive candle. Contents worth 136.50

A faux fur scarf is a cosy addition to her accessories collection.

Looks designer, but for a snip of the price. Shell love this statement bag.

If she loves her interiors, help her update her home with this pineapple cushion.

If shes a busy woman, this is a great stocking filler.

Everyone loves a fresh notebook for the new year.

She can pin this to her coat or bag for an effortless update.

The fragrance is a luxurious, woody scent, with top notes of Italian plum, saffron, and iris. At the heart is a bouquet of rich Bulgarian Rose, lush Orris, and creamy nuances of Jasmine Sambac. Liquid amber, vetiver, and warm papyrus woods compose the dry down.

Every woman needs a pair of statement earrings

You can never have too many candles.

This midi dress will see her through the festive period and beyond.

Shell love the on trend embroidered detail at the back.

Saturate lips in sumptuous colour with Elizabeth Ardens Lip Oil Trio Set. Delivering a slick of luscious colour, each tinted lip oil is infused with five precious oils (including Coconut and antioxidant Avocado) that work in synergy to hydrate, protect and deliver anti-ageing benefits.

Nail two trends in one with this embroidered velvet jacket.

Ghayour presents a delicious array of Middle-Eastern dishes from breakfasts to banquets and the simple to the sumptuous. Enjoy menus and dozens of recipes for celebrations and occasions with family & friends, such as summer feasts, quick-fix feasts and brunch.

Made with a burgundy woven textured shade this unique table lamp is crafted with a carved owl resin base and complete with a hand painted finish.

Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser with 2 muslin cloths,16, John Lewis

Nourishing skincare essentials for incredible skin, no matter what your age

One of Britains best beloved beauty brands, Liz Earle, this popular set is a favourite of women everywhere.

This set from John Lewis includes the famous cleanser, two cloths and a pretty bag to keep them in.

Show her how much she means to you with a gift she can read every day. This lovely personalised plaque is a great sentimental gift for the person who has everything.

Customise it with your own unique message and photo and pull at her heart strings.

Best personalised Christmas gifts for men, women and kids in 2017

Chocolate and Fizz collection,25, Hotel Chocolat

Watch her face when she opens up this box of goodies

Its not Christmas without a bit of chocolate… Go all out with this beautiful hamper from Hotel Chocolat.

The set contains an array of different sweet treats including truffles, salted caramel and dark fruit and nut, as well as a little bottle of prosecco to wash it all down with.

Best Christmas hampers and alcohol gift sets for 2017 – Luxury gourmet ideas for foodies who love cheese, gin, wine and even Nandos

Sequin scarf, 15, Marks and Spencer

A soft scarf with statement sequins that she will immediately start wearing

You cant go wrong with M&S, and this sequin scarf is just the thing for mums who like to look chic even when its chilly outside. We adore the intricate pendant detailing – and were sure she will too.

She spends her life running around after you – now its your turn to pamper her with this home foot massager.

The portable pamper machine stimulates pressure points on the feet, which helps release good hormones and soothe different parts of the body based on ancient shiatsu massage methods.

It isnt referred to as mothers ruin for nothing – and if your mum loves the popular tipple why not buy her a hamper full of it?

Along with a few bottles of gin, this gift set from Very.co.uk also includes a gin-inspired candle and box of fudge.

If the lady loves tea, why not get her a beautiful vintage style tea cup set to drink it out of.

The posh tableware is made of bone china, and is delicately decorated with the quirky animal designs – a great modern twist on a classic British staple shell adore.

Ultimate gift guide under 35

Christmas hampers and alcohol gift sets

Crew-neck sweater119, Ralph Lauren

Treat the woman who does everything for you to the sweater of dreams

Nothing is quite as luxurious as a classic Ralph Lauren jumper, so why not go all out this Christmas on a gift for your mum?

Pick from a choice of four different colours of the iconic cable knit – just try not to steal it off her when shes not looking!

A great stocking filler – this recipe book features a range of dishes from the famous TV chef – and none of them use more than five ingredients. Perfect for busy mums who like experimenting in the kitchen.

DIY wreaths, stockings and garlands

DIY Christmas cards and wrapping paper

Yankee Candle Christmas scented tea lights, 10.40, Debenhams

Shell love this cute set that includes ten different Christmas-themed flavours.

whats not to love about this set from everyones favourite candle company? There are ten different Christmas-themed scents including – Perfect Tree, Spiced White and Berry Trifle.

While splashing out on a spa day can be costly, the benefit of buying this gift package is that you also get to be included in the pampering.

This experience is for aspa day for twowith a treatment for each person and access to all the spa facilities. If thats not quite what youre looking for, there are plenty of other spa day packages available atBuyAGiftfor all budgets.

Christmas traditions around the world

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer, 299.99, Boots

Women everywhere are dying to get their hands on the Dyson hairdryer

Youve probably seen it all over the telly, but now its time to get it for your mum. Go on, shes worth it.

With an innovative design and state-of-the-art features, this hair dryer is supposed to be faster, quieter, smaller and more efficient than its rivals- and you have to admit, it looks pretty impressive too.

The best afternoon tea spots in the UK – from Manchesters Cloud 23 to Londons British Museum

Afternoon Tea at Hilton Hotel, 39

Treat your mum to afternoon tea at the Hilton so she can experience true luxury

Treat your mum to a spot of afternoon tea at the luxurious Hilton hotel in Tower Bridge in London.

The price includes a selection of freshly baked scones and cakes, delicate sandwiches, an array of teas, and of course, a complimentary glass of bubbly. Its the perfect day out that shell be telling all her friends about for weeks to come.

Benefits payment dates change over Christmas for tax credits, pensions and child benefit

Over the holiday period there are a lot of bank holidays, and that means the days you receive your benefits could well be changing – this is when you should be getting them

Energy firms are giving families a one-off 140 to cover their winter bills – how to check if you qualify for the Warm Home Discount Scheme

You could get 140 off your electricity bill for winter 2017 to 2018 under the Warm Home Discount Scheme – this is how it works

Government takes 150 away from 3.5m hard-up Brits next year (but offers them 1,200 if theyre good)

The Government wants you to start saving, no matter how little you earn, but changes this week mean youll get 150 less by doing it next year

Cheap wine deals: The best offers from supermarkets including Tesco and Asda, such as a third off and 6 for 25

The best wine deals from all the major supermarkets, whether youre after one bottle or ten

What is the Winter Fuel Payment and can I claim it? The age group that qualifies – and what you need to know

Its a scheme designed to support vulnerable people over the colder months – are you or someone you know entitled to it?

Water relief as millions of households to get 25 knocked off their bills

A cap on the price customers in England and Wales pay for water has been announced – but it wont kick in just yet

Aldi is selling a GOLD roast chicken infused with prosecco – and its a bargain

A feast fit for the royals – and you can get it in Aldi on the cheap

Aldi is about to start selling super posh Mont Dor cheese – for a fraction of the price of Waitrose

Is it even really Christmas if you dont have a stinky cheese?

Best Morrisons voucher codes and offers and when your local store will open over Christmas

Find out the handy ways you can save on your festive shop at the supermarket giant this month

Peter Kay cancels tour dates – How to get a refund and claim your money back on UK tickets

The Bolton comedian has called off his spring 2018 tour in a devastating blow to fans. This is what to do if youve got a ticket

Jealous husband cuts off both his wifes hands after accusing her of having an affair

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Doctors have managed to save one of Margarita Grachyovs hands during emergency surgery but have not been able to re-attach the other

Fresh heartbreak for family of British woman facing death penalty in Egypt

Laura Plummer, 33, has been handed a devastating blow after she was due to stand trial on charges in the African country on Christmas Day

Slimming World reveals some popular free foods which now have to be counted as syns

Bosses at Slimming World have revealed something to make those using the plan shudder

My girlfriend is a world famous porn star who has sex with other men and women every day but I dont mind

Events planner Mike Adkins dates Allie Haze one of the worlds biggest porn stars but says he isnt bothered she has sex with other people for money and it hasnt effected their sex life

Chilling moment UFO follows a plane before dipping suddenly from view as puzzled passenger films the bizarre sighting over Britain

An airline passenger filmed what appears to be a UFO high in the skies over Britain when a small, bright object seemed to follow alongside the plane before suddenly dipping out of view

Peaky Blinders secret underground speakeasy has opened – and its incredible

The historic former pub, which has been closed for the last 30 years, has been renovated and re-opened its doors so people can experience what the show was really like

Robbie Williams reveals secret health battle and brain abnormalities that left him in intensive care for SEVEN DAYS

It saw him cancel some of his tour dates

Karthik Nagesan slams ALL the Apprentice candidates for unoriginal business plans – as he reveals why Lord Sugar made a big mistake this week

The Big K says it like he sees it in his weekly Apprentice column

UK weather: Temperatures to plunge to -10C and another 4ins of snow coming as new Arctic freeze hits Britain

It looks like the weather will be even worse over Christmas and New Years Eve

Who are The Apprentice 2017 finalists? James White and Sarah Lynn reach final – but one was previously fired for gross misconduct

The candidate, who eventually confessed to being sacked, could be about to earn a 250,000 investment from Lord Sugar

This is obscene: Single mum branded ridiculous for spending 2,000 on 300 Christmas presents for her three kids

Mum-of-three Emma Tapping, 37, started shopping in January for her childrens Christmas presents – she says: I wouldnt change it for the world

Salma Hayek claims Harvey Weinstein threatened to kill her after she rejected his sexual advances

The actress says she was urged by friends to open up

Woman broken by discovery in mums wardrobe after she was stabbed to death

The 22-year-old was clearing out her mums belongings when she found it

George Clooney once gave 14 friends 1million EACH for helping him find fame in Hollywood

The generous star told his stunned pals that he wanted to repay their kindness in his early career

BBC presenter describes horrific reality of life with his alcoholic mum whose body was only found seven weeks after she died

Ian Stringer and his younger siblings were accused of abandoning Christine Davies by online trolls after it was revealed how long her body has lain undiscovered

The real Christmas angels: Nurses reveal their most heartbreaking moments caring for cancer patients on December 25

EXCLUSIVE: One nurse recalls how a dying mum clung on to life on Christmas Day until her daughter arrived – then smiled and passed away

Full list of Tory rebel MPs who defeated Theresa Mays key Brexit vote in Commons

MPs whooped and applauded as she lost a crunch vote by 309 to 305, a majority of just four

Manchester house fire claims 4th child: Agonised family turn off little girls life support

Little Lia Peasons siblings Demi, 15, Brandon, eight, and Lacie, seven, also perished in the blaze and their mum Michelle left fighting for life

Top drama student raped woman and then texted her to say he would kill himself if she told anyone

Jack Green, 19, a student at the Arden School of Theatre, allegedly forced himself on a woman at his flat after a night out

Horrendous footage shows cruel teen STONING a tiny kitten in video which has sparked outrage

WARNING: DISTRESSING CONTENT In the clip, a young girl can be seen throwing the concrete block at the animal several times while she is encouraged by people laughing close by

Dad of bullied boy who moved the world when he shared his heartbreaking story is white supremacist

Keaton captured hearts when a video showed him in floods of tears as he recalled being bullied at school

Mum and dad who buried secret monstrosity baby in shallow grave shoebox walk free from court

Anthony Clark, 35, and Catherine Davies, 25, denied murdering four-day-old Ian Arthur Davies Jr in August last year

Benefits payment dates change over Christmas for tax credits, pensions and child benefit

Over the holiday period there are a lot of bank holidays, and that means the days you receive your benefits could well be changing – this is when you should be getting them

Energy firms are giving families a one-off 140 to cover their winter bills – how to check if you qualify for the Warm Home Discount Scheme

You could get 140 off your electricity bill for winter 2017 to 2018 under the Warm Home Discount Scheme – this is how it works

Government takes 150 away from 3.5m hard-up Brits next year (but offers them 1,200 if theyre good)

The Government wants you to start saving, no matter how little you earn, but changes this week mean youll get 150 less by doing it next year

Cheap wine deals: The best offers from supermarkets including Tesco and Asda, such as a third off and 6 for 25

The best wine deals from all the major supermarkets, whether youre after one bottle or ten

What is the Winter Fuel Payment and can I claim it? The age group that qualifies – and what you need to know

Its a scheme designed to support vulnerable people over the colder months – are you or someone you know entitled to it?

When does the old 10 note go out of circulation? The expiry date for your diary

The shiny new plastic 10 note has landed – which means the mammoth phase out of the paper version has begun. Heres how long you have left to use them up

Thousands of households can now apply for Cold Weather Payments 2017 – the discount available to help you pay your heating bill

If youre struggling to keep up with plummeting temperatures, you may qualify for financial help to ease you though winter – heres what you need to know

The simple mistake that means youre breaking the law when driving in the snow

Even just a two-minute trip to the shops could result in a 60 fine, 3 points on your licence and invalidate your insurance

Millionaire to give away 2.3m mansion complete with Rolls Royce, stocked wine cellar and housekeeper in 10.50 raffle

The unnamed businessman is holding a competition to hand over the keys to his four-bedroom hideaway surrounded by a ten-acre garden, three-hole golf green and leisure complex with a pool and gym

Christmas gift ideas 2017 – Best present ideas for all the family under 35

As the countdown to December 25 gets underway, weve handpicked some of our favourite treats that wont burn a hole in your pocket

Your boss HAS to give you time off if your childs school is closed – the facts about parental leave at work

Roofs ripped off schools, trees felled, roads closed and more – the rights you have to time off work if snow has resulted in your childrens school being shut

There are over FIFTY FOUR rare 50p coins in circulation and some are worth more than youd think – the ones to watch for

If youve a pocket full of change, dig them out, as your silvers could be worth a lot

When Bitcoin will crash and how to make money from it

Last night Bitcoin broke all records for price climbing above $18,000 each. Then it crashed. But given the cyber-currency is still up 1500% in a year, is this just the beginning of the fall?

Best Christmas gifts your wife or girlfriend will love – Top present ideas for 2017 including perfume, Jo Malone candles and womens watches

Get it right this Christmas with the gifts she definitely DOES want this year including Charlotte Tilbury beauty sets and Chanels new Gabrielle perfume

Best Christmas crackers for 2017 including everything from the unusual to luxury at John Lewis, Tesco and M&S

From gin-filled crackers to 500 Fortum and Mason ones to 29p crackers from Asda – weve tracked down all the top picks from the high street

Online food shopping deals: Best supermarket savings to knock pounds off your weekly grocery shop

This week weve got 18 off at Sainsburys, 60 off at Waitrose and more money-saving deals at Marks & Sparks, Asda and Tesco

Is the minimum wage going up in 2018? National UK living wage to rise for millions of workers – how to check if youre about to get a pay rise

The government has announced a huge change for workers in Britain – this is what you need to know

Expert reveals one of the biggest reasons small businesses fail – plus how to avoid pitfall

Setting up the simple processes can help to keep things ticking over nicely

Working in cold, snowy and wet weather: What your employer must do to protect you

Rain, high winds, snow and ice all create serious hazards to your health, and the early darkness of winter brings further dangers – heres what you need to know

What to put in a Christmas Eve box – Best filler ideas for kids and adults plus where to buy personalised boxes

What is a Christmas Eve box? The special festive tradition which means you dont have to wait as long to open presents… Heres the best deals on Christmas Eve box ideas for him and her in 2017

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