Christmas Gifts For Her 2017

Step away from the bath bombs, weve got the chic answer to all your Christmas present dilemmas. Christmas gifts are an annual stress. Its only October and trees and lights are popping all over the place. We give it a week before hearing the first Christmas song playing in a shop. Come December, while the more organised … Continue reading “Christmas Gifts For Her 2017”

Step away from the bath bombs, weve got the chic answer to all your Christmas present dilemmas.

Christmas gifts are an annual stress. Its only October and trees and lights are popping all over the place. We give it a week before hearing the first Christmas song playing in a shop.

Come December, while the more organised among us are snipping the ribbons of their Instagrammably wrapped up gifts into perfect points, the majority of people are still scrolling through endless pages of potential presents and checking for the next day delivery option.

Whether youre buying presents for work pals, family members, or your BFFs, it can can all be a it of a mare. So, step away from the bath bombs, weve got the chic answer to all your present dilemmas.

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As we all know, buying clothing is a risky business, so, unless its a failsafe Bella Freud jumper, its best avoided. Theres nothing thatll make a Christmas awks like a size mess-up. Real rookie error.

Altogether safer areas are cardholders, scarfs, stationary, make-up and hair products Weve actually put together a little guide to thebest Christmas makeup gift setsbeauty advent calendarsandsecret Santa gift ideasif youre looking for more inspiration. Remember, if youd want it, but probably wouldnt buy it for yourself, chances are they will too.

There are people who are easy to please – just the gesture is basically enough – then there are the people who, erm, are slightly more demanding. If youre looking for somebody in particular, weve got a number of edits of the bestChristmas gifts ideas for mumChristmas gift ideas for dadandChristmas gift ideas for him. (Youre welcome.)

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Fashion people can be a bit tricksy. You truly cant go wrong with a box of matches or acandle. Forget their rep for being boring  give someone a Diptyque candle and theyll love you forever.

Same goes for something nice for the house the Preen cushion in our below edit will go down well, we guarantee.

So, get yourChristmas jumperon and get those presents sorted with our brilliant Christmas gift guide below

Available atPreen by Thornton Bregazzi175.00

Available atUrban Retreat at Harrods149

Zaras New Collection Is MAJOR: Shop Our Edit Now

10 Classic Bags Topping Our Christmas Wishlist

The Winter Wedding Guest Dresses Thatll Make A Statement

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Christmas gifts fragrance presents for her

Christmas gifts: fragrance presents for her

The Telegraphs wine writer Victoria Moore picks eight of the best luxury fragrances and bathroom products for Christmas

The Telegraphs wine expert Victoria Moore uses her super olfactory powers to sniff out the best fragranced beauty buys this Christmas.

Big Christmas gift guide: ideas for everyone (even the boss)

BvlgariEau Parfume au Th Vert Shampoo and Shower Gel 200ml, 28

Bvlgaris green tea fragrance, which scents this shower gel, is really all about uplifting citrus. Orange blossom, bergamot and lime mingle with subtle notes of rose, jasmine and lily and a very gentle rumble of sandalwood. A glance towards spring, that ensures you leave the shower feeling revitalised.

Nesti Dante Horto Botanico Sapone al Carciofo (Artichoke Soap), 5.95,Liberty

Chunky big bars of Nesti Dante soap from Italy have been scenting my bathroom for years now. The vegetable soaps are the best in the range; I particularly love the earthy, invigorating smell of the artichoke and the lettuce. Look out also for the Costa Smeralda which is fragranced with Sardinian shrubs and flowers.

Aesop Reverence Aromatique Hand Wash, 27 for 500ml, Aesop,Liberty

The distinctive packaging of this Melbourne companys bathroom products have become stylish fixtures in the bathrooms of smart London restaurants and hotels. Ive fallen for one of Aesops two handwashes. This version contains fine grains of pumice which effectively clean and exfoliate (great if you apply make-up using your hands) and leaves your fingers smelling of spicy, woody vetiver and vibrant mandarin peel. A daily luxury that lasts for ages.

Acqua di Parma Rosa Nobile Eau de Parfum, 74 for 50ml,Space ,John Lewis, other large department stores

Sheer and delicate, Acqua di Parmas newest perfume is a pretty, contemporary scent in pleasingly traditional packaging. Above all, a tribute to the pink rose but the sense of fresh, velvetty petals is amplified by the clever use of violet, lily-of-the-valley, peony, grey amber and musk. The eau de parfum is more expensive but much more appealing than the eau de toilette.

Ortigia Fico dIndia Bath & Shower Gel, 26 for 300ml,Cologne & Cotton, Liberty, Ortigia in Marylebone or Chelsea

Exquisite packaging and exotic, complex, woody scents are the hallmark of products from the Sicilian company Ortigia. I adore the sweet-cedar and fig-skin smell of this creamy bath gel which is made using extracts from the orange-flowered fico dIndia cactus that grows across Sicily.

Bamford Rose, Camomile & Lemon Body Cream, 35 for 200ml,Bamford shops,Liberty

A thickly effective body cream that comes in a satisfying wide tub and is infused with the cool smell of dewy roses and calm camomile.

LOccitane Shea Butter Hand Cream, 19 for 150ml,LOccitane

A king among hand creams. This is easily absorbed, richly nourishing and makes your hands feel soft and smell gorgeous. Contains lashings of shea butter as well as sweet-smelling almond extract.

Laura Mercier Ambre Vanill Honey Bath,Space NK, 33 for 300g

Dispensed with a twirly wooden honey stick, this smells very sweetly of brown sugar and coconut and vanilla honey cake, a fragrance that rises from the bath in a pampering cloud of vanilla warmth. Strictly for vanilla addicts – but no one does this sort of thing better than Laura Mercier.

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