Top 50th Birthday Ideas for Men and Women

Hitting the Golden mark requires a celebration, right? Since not everyone reach the milestone (yea, with all the dreaded diseases these days) the celebrant should be thankful of the gft of life, so an spectacular party must be planned. Yes, it should not just be about the usual cakes and drinks. Make sure that yourhas … Continue reading “Top 50th Birthday Ideas for Men and Women”

Hitting the Golden mark requires a celebration, right? Since not everyone reach the milestone (yea, with all the dreaded diseases these days) the celebrant should be thankful of the gft of life, so an spectacular party must be planned. Yes, it should not just be about the usual cakes and drinks. Make sure that yourhas all the best things that can be achieved, especially if you have the budget.

Well, now that you are 50, were sure you can still do a lot of things. Heres why we have consolidated a lot of50th birthday ideasthat will truly make your day extra special. These activities may be done alone, however, wouldnt it be more fun if you will spend it with the people closest to your heart?

Celebrating a birthday does not need to be expensive. It is unwise to spend a thousand if you really do not have a budget. There are a lot of affordable50th birthday ideasthat can be achieved without breaking the bank. Most often, these are handmade stuff that you can do on your own or get it from a skilled seller from Etsy and other online crafters who offer reasonable prices. Here are some of the most amazing ideas ideal for men and women.

Wear this cool shirt on your special day.

This personalized mug can be a good give away on your 50thbirthday

Place this board at the entrance where you plan to have your party

Yes, you are blessed to reach the 50

milestone so you must have this cake topper

If you plan to celebrate while booze snorkeling.

A hoodie giveaway for everyone will let them remember how you have celebrated your special day.

Have a good watch. Its time to splurge!

Know what your guests remember about you through this memory jar

Prepare CDs as giveaways where you can add one hit song yearly, from the year you were born

Funny looking caricature to remind you that you were able to reach this age

We understand how tiring and stressful planning a birthday party. If you plan to have a serene celebration alone or with your family, here are some 50th birthday ideas for you.

1. A luxurious vacation at MaldivesShangrilas 5-star hotel Villingili Resortin Maldives2. Celebrate at the sky-high Ritz Carlton in Hong KongTheRitz-Carltonin Hong KongHappy birthday friend3. Swim at an infinity pool located in a secluded islandLocated in Phuket, Thailand The Naka Island4. Visit the wild and watch Timon and Pumbaa play with Simba!Classic Tanzania Serengeti National ParkBirthday wishes for girlfriend

7. Sleep in a castle like a King or a Queen

Irelands 5-Star Castle Hotel Lough Eske Castle

You are fabulous and gorgeous, forget the numbers!

Golden table design one of the best 50

3. 50 Balloon for your golden birthday

Parties will never be complete without balloons, right?

Place these Kisses at the middle of the tables

Heres another cute centerpiece to accentuate your tables.

Place this board that highlights events of your life.

A Tory Burch bag on your special day wont hurt your wallet

Have an area where they can place their wishes for you

Prepare a video of your different photos that will remind everyone of what you have been through.

How about a mini caricature portrait like this?

Whether you splurge or save the money by following these,, do not forget that you have to make your day extra special among the celebrations you have had in the past. Additionally, do not forget to thank and appreciate the presence of your family and friends who have made your journey worth remembering.

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40th Birthday Gift Ideas That Will Surprise and Delight Her

Entrepreneur Small Business Tips

40th Birthday Gift Ideas That Will Surprise and Delight Her

40th Birthday Gift Ideas That Will Surprise and Delight Her

Whether shes glad or sad to be turning forty, youll make this a celebration to remember with these delightfully surprising 40th birthday gift ideas. The first suggestion on this list is one of my absolute favorite gifts but when you scroll through youll find a wide variety of classy jewelry, luxury birthday ideas, and even gourmet chocolate gifts.

TheAnuschka Hand Painted Leather Handbagis first on my list of 40th birthday gifts for one reason: it will make your birthday girl feel cheerful, artistic, pretty, and loved. Even though its hand painted, it will last forever, and the colors will enhance any outfit your fortieth birthday girl chooses. Its big enough to fit lots of purse-type items, but not as unwieldy as a backpack. And, its whimsical and happy which is what any woman turning forty needs.

The following gifts will make her 40th birthday meaningful because they focus onexperiencesas well as elegant and practical gifts. Most of these 40th birthday gifts are linked to Amazon, to make your shopping easy, fast, and efficient. The sooner you buy her gift, the sooner you can start planning how youll surprise her on her fortieth birthday 🙂 And, remember how important it is to give her a gift that matches her personality and lifestyle. Turning forty is a big deal for most women, and finding the right 40th birthday gift idea is important. Luckily, youve come to the right place!

My first set of ideas on this list includes elegant, thoughtful 40th birthday gifts for women. The second list contains unique, creative ideas for fortieth birthday celebrations that involveexperiences which I explore more inCreative Things to Do for Your 40th Birthday. First, though, I want to tell you what my husbands gift to me was on my 40th birthday

My husband didnt give me anything for my 40th birthday but he had a great reason! About three weeks before my birthday, we went on a 15 hour road trip to be with my sick friend. My husband took almost two weeks off work for this trip, and I told him it would be my 40th birthday gift because I was so grateful.

Id like to be able to say he gave me theseBlack Diamond and White Gold Round Hoop Earringsas my 40th birthday gift, but Id be lying. If your  birthday girl likes earrings, shell love these hoops. The black diamonds and white gold complement each other, offering a stunning twist on classic hoop earrings.

My husband did exactly what I told him to: he didnt give me a gift for my 40th birthday not even a card. I had no right to be disappointed because he was only doing what Itoldhim to. If your birthday girl told you not to get her a gift for her fortieth birthday, dont listen to her.

For Christmas last year (no, I didnt have another 40th birthday!), my husband gave me the most amazing, best, wonderful gift I could ever ask for: aApple MacBook Pro MF839LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop.

I love this gift because I would never have spent that much money on myself even though I earn my living online! I love this gift because I told my husband I wanted one, but I couldnt bring myself to spend that much money. And every day I use this laptop for my workand every day I am so grateful he bought me this gift.

For your birthday girls 40th, give her a gift that surprises and delights her.

The biggest lesson from my experience turning forty: dont believe any woman who says she says she doesnt want a gift for her 40th birthday.

Give her theArtists Circle Carry On Travel Suitcase, with a ticket tucked in the side pocket. This would be one of the most surprising, delightful, amazing 40th birthday gift ideas for women! The one pictured is a carryon, which will save you checked bag fees.

If you think shed love a weekend getaway, pack her new travel suitcase with a few small gifts (anything from retro candy from 40 years ago to pearl earrings). Surprise her with a birthday card that explains where youre going for your weekend getaway or just give her a hint. Make it fun, light-hearted, special.

Even just one night away is an amazing birthday gift for women turning forty and you dont have to go to a faraway place. The fact that you thought ahead, planned something different, and took steps to celebrate her 40th birthday by doing something different will make her happy. Thats one of the best gift ideas you could give her.

If youre not in a relationship with this birthday girl and if shes dealing with a breakup read10 Gifts for Someone Going Through a Divorce.

No matter what gift you buy for her 40th birthday, remember that turning 40 is a huge milestone in a womans life. I loved my 40th because I felt like I was starting fresh. I felt strong, healthy, wise, and calm. The best 40th birthday gift is something that makes a woman feel good about herself.

Time Capsule gift for her 40th birthdayis a creative, fun alternative to a real getaway for the weekend. Not everyone can afford to go away for the weekend or even a day to celebrate a birthday, but that doesnt mean you cant travel in other ways! Go back in time with this Time Travel 40th Birthday Gift.

This unique 40th birthday gift for includes a card that describes a funny reason why each item was included, as well as retro candy from the 70s. This is a great party gift, because she can share the trivia questions with guests. This is fun entertainment that will help her remember the past fondly.

Here are several pretty, elegant 40th birthday gifts for women. Jewelry is one of my favorite gift ideas because its really hard to make a mistake in terms of colors, styles, size, etc. If youre not planning on buying 40th birthday jewelry, you can rest easy. Right after this section are unique and creative birthday experiences for women plus a fun Retro Candy Box for Women Turning Forty 🙂

The most important thing you can do for a woman on her fortieth birthday is show her how important she is to you, and how much you care about her. Thats one of the most thoughtful 40th birthday gift ideas of all.

The10k Yellow Gold Diamond Sun Pendantis one of the most beautiful gifts you can give a woman turning forty. People will compliment her on this birthday gift because its both classy and light-hearted and every time someone notices it, shell be reminded of you! This will help her feel good about turning forty.

The key to helping a woman feel good about herself on her 40th birthday is knowing her personality, likes, and dislikes.

TheMulco Unisex Bluemarine Stainless Steel and Light Watch this watch is both a pretty and practical 40th birthday gift idea for her. Its timeless, and perfect for any 40 year old woman who likes to wear watches as jewelry. Turning forty might make her pay more attention to how fast time passes, and a beautiful watch is a lovely way to encourage her to live fully, deeply, madly!

The10k Yellow Gold Diamond Infinity Pendant Necklaceis meaningful because of its reference to time. The infinity message is important, because your 40 year old woman is infinitely beautiful, wise, and lovely no matter how old she is. This infinity pendant features diamond-studded and yellow gold crisscross bands suspended by yellow gold rope chain. It has an easy spring-ring closure, and the diamond suppliers confirmed they complied with the Kimberley Process to ensure that the diamonds are conflict free. This is a gorgeous 40th birthday gift idea for her.

a dazzling, classic bracelet that looks like diamonds but isnt nearly as expensive. Jewelry is one of the best 40th birthday gift ideas for women even for women who dont normally wear jewelry. Jewelry is elegant, but not necessarily extravagant.

If your birthday girl likes to travel, scroll down to the African safari vacations and Caribbean cruise ideas. Theyre extravagant 40th birthday gift ideas for her.

The10k White Gold and Diamond Double Heart Pendant Necklaceis an extrava
gant gift to put in the leather travel bag! Its a symbol of love and unity. Im not a woman who welcomes or even wears jewelry gifts, but I would wear this pendant if my husband gave it to me.

Jewelry is a safe gift for 40th birthday gift idea for her because most women really like to glam it up once in awhile. The tricky part is knowing what kind of jewelry she likes. For instance, I dont like big costume jewelry because Im a small woman. I also dont wear earrings, rings, or bracelets.

Take a good look at your birthday girl: if shes not a jewelry person, then dont buy her necklaces, earrings, rings, or bracelets.

Its important to know how she feels about turning 40. Does she see this birthday as a new beginning, or a tragic ending? If she thinks shes over the hill, consider getting her something exciting and challenging, such as sky diving or ski lessons. If she couldnt care less about turning 40, give her one of the most thoughtful 40th birthday gift ideas: something fun and creative.

An experience is an exciting way to spend any birthday. Heres what @BamaGretch tweeted:  Im asking for my husband to rent me a Ferrari for the day on my 40th birthday. 🙂 An extravagant gesture is one of the best 40th birthday gift ideas for her.

Believe it or not, theWomens Classic Silk Pajamas Luxury Giftis  one of the most popular and thoughtful 40th birthday gift ideas for women! These pjs are a soft, gentle way to go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning. Theyre comfortable and sleek against her skin, and a luxury she wouldnt buy for herself.

Time is one of the best gifts you can give any woman turning forty. Time to herself, time to pursue her goals and dreams, time to center herself. Give her the pajamas, and a whole weekend to do whatever she wants in them.

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A YouTube video of loved ones saying Happy 40th Birthday!

When I searched the internet for 40th birthday gift ideas for women turning forty, I found several YouTube videos of friends and family members saying Happy Birthday to the birthday girl. If youre technologically inclined, this is a fun and thoughtful 40th birthday gift especially if you get creative about how you send birthday wishes. For instance, you could tease her with all the possible fortieth birthday gifts she might be getting.

Yes, Im going back to the purse aisle, and picking up theAnuschka Collage Leather Tote Bag. Does your birthday girl love purses? (yes, all women do) Does she love pretty, cheerful things to look at? (yes, we all do) Is she not thrilled about turning forty? (yes, all women have a glitch on their 4oth birthdays, and your gift ideas will help her cope).

Anuschka bags are a feast for the eyes. The vibrant colors are a very powerful element in these designs. The wide range of abstracts, imaginary and natural scenes, depicted in muted colors of all shades and hues, transforms each handbag into an object of timeless art.What other gift could you give on her 40th birthday?

This creative idea for 40th birthday gift ideas is from Alicia King, writer and creator of The Lili Effect. When I asked for gift ideas for women on Twitter, she said:

Plunder the birthday womans bucket list for a novel experience you can do together. I love it! If your birthday girl likes boating, gift her with a water experience! Rent a kayak for a couple hours, or even a houseboat for a weekend.

Hire a cake decorator to bake a beautiful custom cake for her birthday. The one in the picture is an actual edible birthday cake, baked for a woman who loves shoes. The people who bake and decorate cakes are absolutely amazing in their creativity and artistry, and a cake like this will be something a woman never forgets when she celebrates her 40th birthday. For more ideas, search the internet for 40th birthday gift ideas for her.

Is your birthday girl part of a book club? Many of the women in my book club have a kindle or digital reader, and they love them. Electronic or digital gifts are an extravagant way way to celebrate a big birthday.

If she hasnt tried anApple iPad tablet, think about giving her one as a 40th birthday gift. When I went to a womens writing conference a couple weeks ago, a woman brought hers she loved the convenience and flexibility that it offers. I bought myself a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, and I love it. Its less expensive than an iPad, and almost as good.

Amazons newestKindle Fire in Full Color loaded with her favorite books will jolt her out of the doldrums that come with turning 40. If she loves to read, surprise her with a digital reader she wouldnt buy for herself.

The next few ideas on this list of 40th birthday gift ideas vary from cruises to retro candy

The40th Birthday Gift Made 1976 Original Distressed Ladies T-Shirtis another popular and thoughtful 40th birthday gift idea for women. I like it because it doesnt advertise her age (most people wont bother doing the math), yet its funny because it says all original parts. 🙂

This is the only 40th birthday gift idea for women that Im not excited about. Its from Prank Ideas Central:

For a woman turning 40, hot flashes are a real concern and can strike anytime! So show her you care with a hot flash survival kit as her 40th birthday gag gift. Get a nice box and add useful things like a hand held fan and ice packs to cool down, a small towel or pocket handkerchief to wipe her brow with, a spare shirt and emergency medication (chocolates). ~40th Birthday Gag Gifts for Women. This is one of my least favorite 40th birthday gift ideas for women. I know menopause is a new beginning, but who needs to be reminded of the change?

A box of40th Birthday Gift Basket Box of Retro Candyis a gift many readers give for fortieth birthdays, as a creative addition to the real thoughtful gift idea for her fortieth birthday.

You know whats really interesting about this list of gift ideas for women on their fortieth birthdays? The three most popular ideas are:

Those three most popular birthday gifts are so different! Candy, sleep, and elegance. To find the perfect gift for a woman on her 40th birthday, think about what she most wants in life. Sweets? Sleep? Sunshine? Thats the most thoughtful idea and only you can give it.

Heres a fun idea from the Gift Ideas Muse: Giving 40 small gifts is a cool idea! You can do something fun like 40 coupons or a collage of 40 photos or something really meaningful, like 40 personal letters from their closest friends and family expressing love and appreciation. Get creative and throw in some surprises, like perfume for a woman or sporting event tickets for a guy. If youre on a budget, bake them 40 cupcakes or cookies! ~40th Birthday Gift Ideasfrom the Gift Ideas Muse. This is one of the best 40th birthday gift ideas for women who like to open lots of presents.

Women love chocolate, but we dont often splurge on gourmet melt-in-your-mouth chocolate delicacies. Why? Because theyre expensive. Thats what makes gourmet chocolate a good gift for women on their fortieth birthdays!

TheFairytale Brownies Magic Morsel 48 Gift Boxis handcrafted with rich, dark Callebaut Belgian chocolate, pure creamery butter and farm fresh eggs.

This 40th birthday gift for women includes 48 individually wrapped pieces are hand packed in this gourmet gift, and its guaranteed fresh upon arrival. It includes a sampling of 1.5 x 1.5 bite-size Magic Morsel brownies in all six assorted flavors; a personalized gift message card is included with every order.

includes a well balanced and representative selection of Leonidas fresh butter creams, sinfully smooth truffles and delectable pralines.

An assortment of gourmet chocolates is an indulgence for a woman on her fortieth birthday and thats exactly what you wnt to do! Indulge her with someone guaranteed to tantalize even the most discerning palates.

For more ideas, read20 Birthday Gifts for Women Turning 40 Plus Retro Ideas.

When searching the internet
for 40th birthday gift ideas for women, I found this entry on a cruise forum: Im a cruise addictI have only been on 6 cruises so far. When my marriage ended last year, I gave up hope of EVER going on another cruise. Well.just today.approaching the top of the Wild Thing rollercoaster at Valleyfair in Minneapolis. my boyfriend told me he is taking me on a cruise for my 40th birthday next month. I am SOOOOO excited! Who knew turning 40 could be so wonderful! I pretty much missed the whole rollercoaster ride after he said that because my mind was fixated on the cruise! We are sailing on Carnival Imagination on September 25. I have been on four Carnival cruises before, and I just love them. He has only been on one cruise and that was 20 years ago, but he knows how much I LOVE cruising!

Cant you justfeelher excitement? She doesnt feel over the hill shes thrilled, excited, and happy about turning 40. Can you afford to give your birthday girl a cruise for her 40th birthday?

This is your last chance to find the right birthday gift for your womans 40th birthday

TheSterling Silver Oval-Cut Amethyst with Genuine White Diamonds Braceletis an elegant gift for a woman who wants to look and feel beautiful (and dont we all?).

If I were turning 40 again, Id love a yoga retreat. Other women might like to experience zip lining, sky diving, or hot air ballooning as their 40th birthday gift. These are once-in-a-lifetime adventures that can change her perspective on life.

When my best friend turned 40, her birthday gift to herself was a five week trip to Africa. Nowthatis a luxurious birthday present! She went to Jamaica for her 50th birthday. A less extravagant 40th birthday gift is a power point presentation of flattering or funny photos of her, paired with beautiful poetry or the lyrics of a song you both love.

TheAnuschka Leather Front Pocket Handbag and Walletis a gift set that includes  a removable leather organizer wallet, an optical case for her reading glasses (she is forty, after all), and a cosmetic pouch. It also has a slip-in cell phone pocket and 2 zippered pockets in the front.

I keep coming back to these handbags in fact, I rewrote this whole list of 40th birthday gift ideas so I could include these three bags because they are so special. Each piece is sketched, then painted in layers to ensure long lasting quality. The vibrancy of colors, beautiful design and top-quality craftsmanship will last for many years. The Anuschka purses are hand painted on genuine leather and finished with stylish top stitching.

Im blessed with the luxury of working from home; the only two TV shows Ill turn on for background company while I write is Judge Marilyn Milian and Dr Oz. I like the judge show better, but get a kick out of the women in the audience of the Dr Oz show! Theyre so excited and happy like the women on the Ellen show, actually. A lot of those women are over forty years old.

The best 40th birthday gift ideas are those that take women out of their comfort zone and give her plane fare to get there.

The Most Creative, Thoughtful 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

Is your 40th birthday girl unhappy or even depressed about turning forty? Give her time and space to be sad.

Turning 40 is difficult for many women, because it does seem old in comparison to those younger milestone birthdays of 30 and 20 years old. Dont push or try to convince her that 40 isnt old, or that she should be positive about her fortieth birthday. Instead, give her a gift that makes her feel good about herself. Try to match the right gift with her personality.

Also, research shows that the more positive a womans attitude is towards aging, the better her physical and cognitive health will be in later years. If she can find ways to focus on the benefits of aging and ignore those negative attitudes in the media and culture about being a woman over 40 she will live a longer, happier life. And so will you 🙂

If your birthday girl is dealing with cancer, read17 Gift Ideas to Help Her Heal After a Mastectomy. I know this isnt the most pleasant 40th birthday gift idea, but it is a reality for some women. Sometimes its better to address reality, instead of pretending things were different.

I hope you found something helpful on this list of 40th birthday gifts for women. If you have any ideas, please comment below! May you find the most thoughtful and perfect gift for the woman in your life, and may her fortieth birthday be awesome.

Your thoughts are welcome below! I dont give advice, but you can getfree relationship help from marriage coach Mort Fertel.

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I like your birthday gift ideas for women.

thanks for sharing 40th birthday ideas with us.

A celebration vacation for her 40th birthday an awesome gift idea!

According to American Association of Retired Persons, 75% of adults aged 45 and over have taken, or plan to take a celebration vacation to celebrate their birthday whether its turning forty, fifty, or older.

In the New York Times article The Celebration Vacation: The New Way Friends Are Marking Milestone Birthdays, Keith Blanchard says more people are choosing to celebrate their big birthdays and anniversaries far from home. They invite everyone along for a blowout trip. What do you think of that gift idea for a womans 40th birthday? And, luxury-travel agents and tour operators report fielding more requests from clients looking to arrange these traveling parties.

Its a very different and very personal way to celebrate with friends and family, said Christopher Wilmot-Sitwell, co-owner of London-based bespoke travel company Cazenove + Loyd. Whether its a three-day or weeklong trip, he added, you have quality time with everyone, which would not be possible in a one-night event.

If your birthday girl doesnt want gifts for her 40th, consider the idea of a celebration vacation especially if she truly loves being surrounded by friends and family, and being the center of attention 🙂 This isnt a good 40th birthday gift idea for women who are introverts.

Maybe helping a woman celebrate her 40th birthday isnt about giving her something shed give youmaybe its about surprising and delighting her with ideas shed never expect! And the maybe shell do the same for you when youre celebrating your fortieth birthday 🙂

Will she buy YOU any of those things on your 40th birthday? Just saying! Buy me a cruise!. Sure!

My aunts birthday is next week, and I like these 40th birthday gift ideas. Thank you very much.

And also its a great way to celebrate a fortieth birthday??☺????

I think these ideas for women turning forty are a little too much for such a new relationship. These 40th birthday gifts are better suited for more established relationships, because most of the ideas are a bit of an investment!

Maybe taking her out for dinner and buying her flowers would be the best way to celebrate her 40th birthday with her. What do you think?

Are these gift ideas good to give someone you are dating for just 3 weeks? Im quite new at this, so if a diamond necklace, wont say too much.

I gave my wife a bouquet of orchids for her 40th birthday gift. She loved it, orchids are rare and beautiful and represent a woman turning forty.

Thanks for your thoughts on this list of 40th birthday gift ideas for women! I had to update this post and include those beautiful Anuschka handpainted leather bags. They are so gorgeous I even listed one of the purses at the top of this list of ideas for a fortieth birthday.

Youd better find out what she likes before sending a 40th birthday gift for a woman. My mom loves flowers, but shes quite busy and has no time to take care of those beauties. I bought her preserved roses. She loves it!

Love the idea to get a trip of weekend away as a 40th birthday gift idea for women. Could even follow up the trip by making a photo album of all the holiday snaps in a lovely bo
ok and present that to her as a post birthday pressie. A present that most women with love, but most men shy away from is buying clothes or a bag. A designer leather hand bag is something that many women wouldnt buy for themselves, but would love and treasure if received as a present. Its something they can keep and will last forever.

With so many 40th birthday gift options for women available, oftentimes we opt for something that will be collecting dust on the shelf. My personal favourite is jewellery. Us women, we love to be beautiful, regardless the age. Above all you can always find something that would not break the bank but would be as luxurious as diamonds and would remind of you years to come. Jewellery is always an elegant option for a present for a woman turning forty on her birthday. Just find the one that would suit her personality. That said, you can never go wrong with classics! Good luck!

I am totally in support of the time gift for women turning forty, which is why I expected the kind of gifts from Minute of Life.

Their slogan says: spend a minute to better a life. And I totally agree with it. It works for me always; putting my emotions and memories in a time capsule that I send into the future. Who wouldnt appreciate knowing that a special person had been planning to present a gift and made arrangements for it a long time ago and looking forward to it. This is a good gift for a 40th birthday for women.

Phenomenal list of 40th birthday gifts for women!

Thanks for taking the time to put this together. Super helpful.

Quick point: Dogs should not be gifts of any kind.

Giving a dog as a gift means a dog is going to someone that may not want or be ready for a dog, and may not be the best fit for that particular dog. The end result is unhappy people, confused dogs, and worst of all, dogs out of homes because it didnt work out. Of course, if your 40 year old has a good heart they will accept and love the dog no matter what, but that doesnt mean thats for the best.

Instead, If you feel like your 40 year old would like a dog, then a great side gift could be to tour shelters and see if the two of you can find a good match. What you lose in spontaneity, you gain in the quality of life for your 40 year old, as well as the dog you rescued. She will have a better relationship for the length of that dogs life and fonder memories for the rest of hers.

Thanks, Abby. I agree that spending time with people you love is a wonderful 40th birthday gift idea for women.

Another gift is time and help cleaning the house! I would love a years worth of housecleaning services, so I could spend my precious time doing other things. Cleaning the house is necessary, but o so full of drudgery. Id much rather use my time doing other things, which makes housecleaning services one of the best ideas for gifts for forty year old women. In my opinion. 🙂

I turned forty last year and the best birthday gift was a fine wine gift basket. I love wine but dont want to spend alot of money on it. I especially love enjoying a glass with a close friends. I didnt have a big 40th birthday party but I really enjoyed the small dinner with friends. Thats the best 40th birthday gift: spending time with people I love.

The key to finding the best 40th birthday gift ideas for women is knowing who she is and what she loves most in life. A cruise isnt the best gift for someone who hates boat rides! My friend was given a cruise for her birthday, and shes afraid of water. Her family want her to get over this fear, but I dont think its a great way to celebrate a fortieth birthday.

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Know someone who is turning the big 40? Well, it looks like you may have a lot of party planning ahead of you. From choosing a 40thbirthday party theme, to picking out party games and selecting which dishes will make the menu, youll have your hands full.

Before you roll up your sleeves and get down to all of the details included in organizing a huge extravaganza, you may find some party inspiration helpful. Cue the brainstorming and pinning to your fun 40thbirthday party ideas board.

During your initial party planning, remember to take into consideration how the guest of honor is feeling about this big milestone. Plenty of people look forward to this birthday as the start to their second life so, plan the occasion accordingly for a birthday party that stays true to the honoree. 40thbirthday party plans should embrace the notion that life begins at forty and celebrate the idea that another year older is another year better. Bring this idea to life with these party planning tips and tricks that will help you throw a standout celebration. No matter who you are planning for, these 40thbirthday party ideas for men and women will help you throw the most fitting celebration yet.

Whether its your boyfriend, your brother, your dad or your best bud celebrating 40 soon, these ideas will spark some inspiration for a guy-focused gathering. Masculine colors like deep chocolates and navy blues are beyond a doubt a good way to go. Party details like gourmet burger bars and hefty cigar stations are a few particulars that shouldnt be passed up. Party planning for the men in your life can be quite challenging because generally, theyre not as concerned with all the nitpicky party details. No matter what the case, you should start your party planning with the birthday boy himself. Get inspired by his hobbies, favorite foods or something you know he just absolutely loves and then go from there.

This adult birthday theme calls for a toast, a cheers and a ching ching of glasses. What better way is there is jump into the 40 club then with a toast? This theme is fitting for an evening event at home with close friends and family. Opt to take the party outdoors to the backyard for an airy feel. Since the theme of the party is indeed a Cheers! you should offer your guests a variety of refreshments.

Encourage party-goers to wet their whistle and set up a couple food and drink stations. These will be the most frequented areas of the party and also serve as a decorative piece, so why not jazz them up? When it comes to 40th party decorations for your Cheers to Forty Years birthday celebration go with the colors of the birthday guys favorite drink. For example, if his favorite is Guinness the party colors should be black and gold. If you dont want to limit yourself and select one specific drink to take over the party details, then go with a burlap theme and include chalkboard signs. These hues will match just about anything.

A great idea for the food table would be a burger bar lined with a gingham table runner featuring all the burger essentials, meat, bun and endless toppings. Give guests a variety of unique topping offerings like pineapples, mushrooms, avocados and onion rings, call it The Gourmet Burger Bar.  At the end of the food table, set up aluminum tubs filled with ice and the birthday boys favorite brews. Along with personalized pilsner glasses that guests can not only drink their beers from, but also take home as the perfect40th birthday party favor. Add some spice and set up a DIY bloody mary bar complete with all the mix ins. Bring this theme to life and hire a bartender to come and serve at the event to shake up, mix up and stir all the party goers favorite refreshments.

Everyone loves a good laugh so how could you go wrong with planning a comedy night birthday celebration? Plus, if the birthday guy is a jokester, then this is right up his alley. Announce the big day and get the word out to his friends and family with clever40th birthday party invitationsthat way, your guests know what to expect.

This 40 appropriate party theme is characterized by a whole lot of chuckles as well as red, yellow and blue hues that just scream at you. Stock up on gag dcor items like whoopee cushions and joke books that you can place around the venue. For some party entertainment, play your favorite stand up specials or if you feel like splurging, get tickets to see the guest of honors favorite comedian perform. Serve up your favorite refreshments as well as finger foods. Think chicken wings, pigs in a blanket, bruschetta, tea sandwiches, spinach dip and chips.

Get ready to grill up a storm with these fitting fortieth birthday party ideas perfect for any of the male figures in your life. Abackyard BBQis a laid back celebration that will have all guests ready to grill and chill. Set up tables in your backyard area and cover them with red and white checkered cloth. Add table numbers to each table for a more orderly feel. Make the planning easier on yourself and serve up the dishes buffet style. Mirror the tablecloths and use the same design on your buffet table. Pack a punch with your plates and opt for using colorful food baskets instead which fit in perfectly with this theme.

This party idea is going to be focused around the food and a BBQ usually features four different food groups, the snacks, the items for the grill, the items on the side and the dessert. Its all about the ranch dip and chips, burgers, hot dogs, vegetable skewers, baked beans, corn on the cob, potato salad, watermelon, cake and all of the BBQ essentials. Since the outdoor area already provides for a lot of ambiance already there is no need to go overboard with the party decor. Decorate the party venue with simplistic items that will enhance the celebration, like hanging lights and a large display menu. This birthday party idea is all about wonderful food and great company.

If youre a woman turning 40 then you know its time to celebrate. You may just be unsure as to how to go about the celebrating. These birthday party ideas were made with you in mind. Elevate the feel of your party to a level of sophisticated fun that just can not be imitated. This celebration is going to be all about tailor making each and every party detail to your taste. If youre in charge of planning the celebration for a friend who isnt so into the idea of having a big party, think about planning a group celebration with all of your friends who are turning 40. This way, no one feels put on the spot. Below are some great 40thbirthday party ideas for women to get you started.

Celebrate the foodie in your life with nothing other than a food themed birthday party. Reserve a table at your local cooking class or food-ify your home for the perfect soire. Complete with chefs hats and personalized aprons, this will be a 40thbirthday bash everyone will want a bite of. Pick a certain type of food and use that dish as party inspiration.  Lets say the birthday girl absolutely loves sushi, you could then use bright greens and salmon hues to guide your party planning. Just get creative and have fun. Oh, and dont forget to bring your appetite.

Wine Tasting Party Plus Grape Stomping

Rent out a party bus because its time to take the girls to the vineyards for a wine tasting and  grape stomping 40ththat is sure to be a blast. Spice up the usual wine tasting excursion with a hands on harvest experience. Why not celebrate forty by making wine the old fashioned way, especially if the birthday girl is a lover of wine. Although, this party idea is all about the wine, dont forget to serve up some appetizers. Consider providing cheese and crackers before or after the tasting and stomping. This fun activity will only add to the celebratory feel of the big day.

A customengraved wine glassis the perfect addition for this party theme. You can create these cute personalized glasses with a Happy Birthday sentiment and have guests use them all day long. Plus, once the day is done you c
an send them home with your guests as the perfect party favors. Since this will be a destination 40thbirthday, focus all your decorating attention on the party bus. Bring balloons, streamers and create a custom playlist including all of the guest of honors favorite tunes. Check out these uniquewine tasting party ideasfor some extra inspiration and planning tips.

If the guest of honor is more on the reserved side when it comes to birthday celebrations then an intimate dessert buffet with family members and a few close friends could be the way to go. Set up a long table for the buffet with a color scheme in mind. Use the birthday girls favorite colors or opt for more natural colors like sandy tans and shades of brown which are ideal and match just about everything. Use these colors to help you pick out acustom table runneras well as dessert table essentials like cake stands and matching plates.  Hang a Happy 40thbanner above the goodie table to really set the tone.

Cakes galore on different sized stands with one in the middle that reads Happy 40thwill demand all the attention at the dessert table.The only thing better than the cakes are more cakes, cake pops and cupcakes which are adorable and add variety to the table scene. Stick some stylish cupcake toppers in them and viola! Dont forget to include the honorees favorite guilty pleasure at the dessert table. Get creative with ideas like an ice cream float station with different flavor and soda offerings. When the partys over dont forget to send your guests home with a take out style box filled with goodies and sealed with a personalized 40thbirthday sticker. Yum!

Shhhh. A surprise party is only as good as the people keeping the secret so you have to be a very sneaky party planner. If you are searching for some great surprise 40thbirthday party ideas for men and women youre in the right place.

This birthday secret is going to be very dependent on yoursurprise birthday party invites. Make sure that you are as straightforward as possible with your party details and that the invitation obviously states that the party is a surprise. Since the honoree is going to be blown away when he or she walks in, its important to have a ton of over the top dcor elements. Think hanging streamers, huge balloons and personalized banners. Youre going to need to thank your guests somehow for keeping the celebration a secret for so long. What better way to do so then with a some cute 40thbirthday party favors? Box up some personalized sugar cookies with the honorees face on them for a favor every party goer will get a kick out of.

A birthday celebration wouldnt be complete without some great 40thbirthday party decoration ideas. In addition to traditional party dcor like birthday banners, confetti, streamers, balloons and some custom pieces, decorate a wall of the venue with forty reasons why you all love the guest of honor. This is an easy way to make the birthday boy or girl feel really special, which is exactly the way one should feel on their day. After the big day, create a custom photo book complete with all of the guests favorite moments with the honoree. This keepsake makes for a beautiful way for the guest of honor to be able to look back on this special celebration and remember all of the people that made the day what it was.

If you need a little more inspiration before you go, remember that you can never go wrong with throwing acocktail party 40th birthday. Whether youre throwing a fortieth for him or her doesnt make a difference, with this guide to planning a creative 40thbirthday party you are going to feel nothing short of a party planning master.

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