30th birthday party ideas for women

Turning 30 calls for a celebration. Women who have reached this milestone often have established themselves in a career or family, or are well on their way. Throw a surprise party for the birthday girl that suits her style, whether that is laid-back Turning 30 calls for a celebration. Women who have reached this milestone … Continue reading “30th birthday party ideas for women”

Turning 30 calls for a celebration. Women who have reached this milestone often have established themselves in a career or family, or are well on their way. Throw a surprise party for the birthday girl that suits her style, whether that is laid-back

Turning 30 calls for a celebration. Women who have reached this milestone often have established themselves in a career or family, or are well on their way. Throw a surprise party for the birthday girl that suits her style, whether that is laid-back and casual, adventurous or high-class. If you are planning your own party, choose your guests, set a budget and have fun.

Plan an elegant dinner party for your 30th with a few of your closest friends at home. Use your finest china and ask for help in the kitchen so you are not struggling over your own birthday dinner. If this is daunting, order takeout from a local restaurant. Extend the party by setting up a chocolate fountain for guests to enjoy with glasses of wine and conversation. Another dinner party idea is to rent out a room at a restaurant or hotel. Invite the maximum amount of guests for that facility. Enjoy being waited on during the meal. Decorate a special chair with streamers and balloons to open your presents in after dinner.

Celebrate your third decade like a child. Plan a 30th birthday party at a child-centred facility. Rent a party room at a laser tag, mini golf or pizza and arcade place. Invite adults only and enjoy playing like a kid again. Decorate with balloons and party plates designed for a 3-year-old to bring in the third decade. Alternately, you could invite your guests to meet you at the local zoo. Share a picnic together before touring the zoo. Have the birthday girl wear a party hat or tiara throughout the zoo.

Gather a group of girlfriends and get out of town. Choose a relaxing destination like a spa, or be adventurous and sign-up for a white-water rafting trip. Setting up a trip for your 30th birthday will be a way to commemorate this milestone. Other ideas for girls-only getaways include: parachuting, camping and yoga retreats. Simply staying in a hotel and taking advantage of the pool, hot tub, in-house bar and time to talk is another choice.

Set up a surprise birthday party by gathering photos and items from the birthday girls life. Set up stations that honour the different stages she has gone through. Start with her as a little girl. Place photo albums from her childhood on a table along with favourite toys. The next station would be the teen years. Locate her yearbooks and items she loved in high school. Have other tables set out to show her college years, career path or marriage and children. The idea is to give her a This is Your Life experience. Invite guests to come prepared to share how they first met the birthday girl. Hire someone to record the party so she can relive the memories.

30th birthday party ideas for women

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30th birthday party ideas for women

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Turning 30 calls for a celebration. Women who have reached this milestone often have established themselves in a career or family, or are well on their way. Throw a surprise party for the birthday girl that suits her style, whether that is laid-back[More]

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The 30th birthday is a milestone worthy of a large celebration. In the past, this was sometimes referred to as the over the hill birthday or the midlife birthday. Today its better to focus on the life of the person and their experiences, rather th[More]

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When your wife is celebrating her 30th birthday, a party is an ideal choice to mark the occasion. Birthday parties for a wife can be elaborate celebrations or intimate get-togethers. The important thing is to choose a location and activities that wil[More]

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The thirtieth birthday is a milestone, and to make the event special for your husband, throw him a party. A good party is a personal one, so think about what his interests are and how he loves to spend his time. There are many options open to you whe[More]

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Many women in their 30s juggle hectic lives, oftentimes including busy work schedules and a host of commitments with their family and friends. As a result, a birthday gift for a 30-year-old woman should aim to make her social and business world more[More]

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A womans 50th birthday party is a special day. She deserves to have a party in her honour for raising a family, building a career or being a supportive spouse over the years. There are many 50th birthday party ideas for a woman, including nostalgia,[More]

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Planning an enjoyable teen birthday party does not have to be an expensive proposition. Instead of pouring money into your teens birthday party, choose an affordable option and save your cash for later purchases. There are an array of fun birthday p[More]

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Girls birthday party ideas for New Jersey can be formed around the states environment, weather or famous places. New Jersey has four full seasons a year, with a hot summer and freezing cold winter, so finding seasonal birthday activities is easy. Y[More]

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Finding a birthday party idea for 11-year-olds may seem to be a daunting task, but with a little planning, you make the party fun. Theme parties are the way to hold the interest of this traditionally critical age group. From outdoor luaus to mall sca[More]

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A 65th birthday is a special time because a woman has just entered her senior years. Therefore, plan a surprise party in her honour to celebrate her life. Surprise party ideas for a 65-year-old woman can include a memory scrapbook, roast, This is Yo[More]

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When celebrating a 30th birthday in the Big Apple, the party ideas are limitless. The city affords bash-throwers many options for all tastes and budgets. Whether the birthday boy or girl wishes to spend a day in a relaxed environment or a nostalgic o[More]

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Teenage boys can be fickle, but these birthday party ideas are a good bet to please. Las Vegas A Las Vegas theme party can be created with minimal supplies. Props needed for a Vegas party include several decks of playing cards, dice, fake money and p[More]

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Celebrate turning 30 in the Windy City. Chicago offers 30-year-olds of every interest plenty of places to celebrate this milestone occasion. From a festive dinner with friends to a VIP spot in a nightclub, Chicago can help you ring in your third deca[More]

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A birthday party for your 11-year-old gives you a great opportunity to be creative. At this age, children are still likely to be excited about the idea of a day celebrating them, where they are the centre of attention. Your child probably has several[More]

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Incorporate your kids love of horses into the next birthday party you hold for them. Party ideas for horse lovers range from elegant affairs to casual parties. As with any party, the key to throwing a successful horse-themed birthday party tailoring[More]

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Since they are not yet teenagers, and no longer a small child, 11 is an age that may be tricky for determining a creative party idea for a boy. By the age 11, however, most boys are accustomed to high energy activities such as sports or games at scho[More]

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Many young teenagers enjoy the intrigue and suspense of spy novels and movies. If your child loves learning about spies, you can create a spy birthday party just for him. Youll need to organise spy-themed invitations, decorations, activities and par[More]

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Whether shes turning 25 or 65, the birthday girl will enjoy a festive celebration. Consider her interests when planning a birthday party, and get input from her friends about what she likes. From an intimate party for two to a bash with her family a[More]

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Turning 7 is an important milestone in a young boys life, and a party lets him know that you are proud of his accomplishments and everything he can do. At the age of 7 a boy is going to be adventurous and curious about the world around him, and ther[More]

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The preteen birthday parties are always the toughest to plan. This is the stage when a girl has not crossed into her teenage years yet, and still she looks at birthday parties with cartoon characters as childish or uncool for her age group. Girls at[More]

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